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Manufacturing Executives Try a Smile to Retain Good Employees


Mankato, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- Good employees are hard to find, so bosses across the country today will be showing their employees just how much they value them with company parties, free lunch, acts of kindness, gifts, a team spirit day, even massages and a half-day with pay. But appreciation goes beyond just one day of recognition. Companies that provide health insurance, dental and vision, retirement plans, paid vacations, and sick leave, often gain and retain happy employees over those that do not. Benefits are a critical piece of an employee compensation package with health benefits and time-off as the most popular, according to a study by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services. The study also found that employee benefits have a significant impact on staff retention and most employees were happy with their employer's offerings.

Beyond offering these benefits the leadership team must communicate that such benefits are an added value to working with the company. Benefits that are not shared, touted, and communication lose so much of their value and retention capacity.

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