Infocom Text Adventure Game Legend Michael Berlyn Sent Thousands of People on Adventures; Now He Faces His Own Personal Quest and Needs Help

Diagnosed with cancer, the Implementer of text adventure classics Suspended, Cutthroat, Infidel and no small part of contributing to the Zork legacy itself is on a quest to save his life.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- For anyone who remembers the 1980s, there's fond memories of the cold war, big hair, 80s music and – text adventure games. At a time when computers were as primitive as the abacus and absinthe, adventure games led to the summary domination of computer games of the 1980s. That benevolent dictatorship comes down to a single word: Infocom. A substantial part of Infocom's success is summarized in just two additional words; Michael Berlyn.

When he joined Infocom in 1982, Michael Berlyn had no idea he'd established his membership in a very exclusive club that did nothing less than change the world. He joined the uber exclusive, incredibly small brotherhood known as Implementors. What did the Implementors implement? Interactive fiction. Commonly considered text adventure games, Michael Berlyn and his brother Implementers turned two industries upside down in the process; computer games and fiction books. The written word has never been the same since and computer games to this day can and should proudly claim Infocom DNA in their corporate chemistry.

While at Infocom, Berlyn authored - either by himself or with co-author Jerry Wolper - a number of interesting text adventure games including Infidel, Cutthroats, and an experimental fusion of computer and board games, Fooblitzky. Because of Infocom's policy of not hiring employee spouses, Berlyn and his wife Muffy founded their own company, Brainwave Creations, in 1985. Together they authored a handful of titles, including an offbeat and hilarious exaggeration of 1980s culture called Tass Times in Tonetown, before packing their bags and moving to Cape Cod, California and accepting a producing role at a modest studio (at the time) called Electronic Arts.

Mr. Berlyn's legacy only grew more impressive as he and fellow Infocom legend Mark Blank launched a new company; Eidetic. They went on to produce console game that were enthralling and engaging like never before on cutting edge platforms of the day such as the Atari Jaguar and the Apple Newton and the earliest iterations of the Sony Playstation as well as the standard PC.

After a lifetime of delivering pure fun to the world, friends and fans of Michael Berlyn are giving back to show their gratitude to a man who spent most of his life making people happy via a CrowdFundMe campaign to help Michael pay for ever-mounting medical bills that beats back his cancer.

Dan Horn, former acolyte to this Implementor, has personally committed to send the highest donor a copy of Fooblitzky and an Infocom Reunion T-Shirt which he has cherished for years.

The biggest perk is available to anyone and everyone – the singular opportunity of knowing they gave so freely to someone who gave so freely of himself so the world can be entertained and be happy.

Please show all possible generosity to the Michael Berlyn crowdfunding campaign