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Santa Monica, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- PPC Masterminds, with its team of PPC Experts & Web Analytics Consultants has offered training to business owners in the area who can use it to their advantage and see substantial results.

This Adwords and Analytics Training from the company is completely free for participants who can make the most out of it and boost their sales while getting new customers. Business owners today understand that they just can't rely on the age old marketing techniques to make an impact in the highly competitive online market. That's why this training program with the latest techniques and strategies holds the key to their success.

Renowned PPC Experts & Web Analytics Consultants offer this training completely free for the benefit of business owners. The training is offered on bi-weekly basis, which makes sense for business owners in the area. It is ideal for all business owners and entrepreneurs who want to boost the sales of their products, generate new leads and of course, enhance the profitability of their companies.

One of the key highlights of the training is that business owners with practically no technical experience can get a better understanding of their own websites. Moreover they understand how users interact with them, which is critical knowledge to take the right measures for attracting them. The training focuses on different reporting tools and uses analytics to ensure that business owners have a better understanding of their users.

Some of the Analytics and Reporting tools that business owners and individual entrepreneurs get a firsthand experience of include Google Analytics, Kiss Metrics, Google Tag Manager and more. There are several SEO reporting and tracking tools that participants will know more about and learn to use at the end of the training. Thus they will be able to get useful insights into customer behavior.

The best part is that the speakers at the training are renowned and much sought after names in the industry. Thus entrepreneurs and individuals in Santa Monica area can make sure they get the best training and grow their businesses further.

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