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London Stone Comments on the Statistic That 40% Spend More Time Relaxing in Gardens Than Tending Them


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2015 -- According to recent figures obtained through the research of the retailers, almost 40% of people spend more time using their garden as a space to relax rather than tending it.

These figures higher for those aged between 18 and 29, at 66%.

The figures appear to highlight that more are wanting to use the garden as a space to relax and to enjoy the outdoors through, rather than necessarily out of a passion for gardening.

London stone are leading UK suppliers of stone paving and patios and were quick to comment on the figures. "The statistics highlight that the garden can be used - and is popular as - a diverse recreational space. This may be especially appropriate in the city, where the amount and variety of vegetation you can sustain is potentially limited," a London stone spokes person commented.

"After all, tending a garden can be enjoyable – but it does not have to dominate all your free time; especially in regard to hay fever rises during the summer months, and being a potentially strenuous activity – especially in the heat – gardening in itself can be tiring.

"These figures are interesting as they suggest that people are using their outdoor open spaces to rest. Patios and stone features are ideal for this, as they require minimal tending; they eliminate the fuss of a lawn and associated dirt and also allow for other recreational structures to be installed.

"For example, many people will enjoy setting up a garden table and chairs or even children's play equipment;these features in particular will benefit from the presence of a durable surface rather than a living base which requires upkeep and can easily be damaged.

"In light of these figures,we anticipate to see the rising popularity of stone and patio paving within the garden. Especially popular are stone features such as steps or a patio and then some surrounding foliage – so you get the best of both, as the statistics suggest – some people like to relax, others like to get involved with the natural side."

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