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Big Predictions in Pneumatics: The Hosemaster Comments


Nelson, New Zealand -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- A report has been recently released, under the title of the 'Global Hydraulic Excavator Market: Trends & Opportunities (2014-2019)', outlining predicted sustained growth in the hydraulics industry. This has excited much comment in the industry, including from leading suppliers such as The Hosemaster.

Pneumatic Progress

Although the pneumatics industry saw a decline in sales in the period between 2012 and 2013, better statistics are set for the future considering innovations in the process of extraction. After all, approaching the General Election, qualities such as sourcing raw materials and contributing to home-grown industry are highly valued. A key area of hydraulic technology is excavators, which if hydraulic, use a fluid mechanism for an efficient process. This is especially appropriate and useful in regard to a highly specific performance such as well-digging. But ultimately a hydraulic excavator is essentially versatile which is suited to handling material, mining and digging.

In this light, the use of a hydraulic system really does appear a force for good - as a best-of-breed solution. A hydraulic-powered excavation for example is the only machine capable of moving earth in all directions and three dimensions.

Opportunity for reflection

"These predictions for sustained growth in the field of hydraulics are inspiring," a spokesperson from The Hosemaster told us. "It highlights that hydraulics are really an energy-efficient way to go – as they are capable of producing a great amount of power, yet with minimal resources.

"We are passionate, too, that hydraulics will be a sustained area to grow for a bold future in British industry. After all, not only can hydraulics be used in construction but also areas of engineering. With house building projects typically planned by new governments, it can be anticipated that hydraulics is only going to go onwards and upwards and we are thrilled to be part of it."

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