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With the increasing popularity of reclaimed materials in home décor, award winning designers are now taking a turn towards reclaimed wood and it has already become a signature style of many designers and architects in the UK. Reclaimed lumber goes much beyond aesthetics and appeal. It is sturdy, resistant to adverse climatic conditions, conserves resources, lasts longer and can be practically used for any purpose.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2015 -- Find stylish-looking Reclaimed Parquet Flooring For Sale at RFC

From restaurants and offices to retail stores and contemporary homes, Reclaimed Parquet Flooring is one material to watch out for this year. This material has several environmental benefits, looks unique and adds value to the property. Parquet flooring can be easily installed both indoor and outdoor and is globally acclaimed for its natural beauty and rareness. Reclaimed parquet flooring comes with an endless variety of shades and patterns. Every plank is exclusive and appealing in terms of shades, character and grain pattern. The natural characteristics and extraordinary imperfections convey a sense of grandeur and elegance. Reclaimed Parquet Flooring is endowed with natural sturdiness and strength which can be easily determined using a Janka hardness chart. The captivating hairline cracks, a firm feel and flawless finish are the attributes that make it a much sought after material. When installed by the skilled craftsman of RFC, reclaimed parquet flooring is sure to reflect a royal taste. With Reclaimed Parquet Flooring For Sale, elite home-owners and designers now have the freedom and luxury to choose from a variety of tones and textures to blend with every colour scheme and concept and make it environmentally friendly.

With Reclaimed Parquet Flooring For Sale on line, there is massive variety for home-owners to choose from

Luxurious in feel and eco-friendly in appeal, Reclaimed Parquet Flooring is one alternative that only appreciates in appearance and worth with the passage of time. Reclaimed parquet flooring looks truly stunning and magnificent and is a perfect alternative for those who are supporting the green revolution.

The reclaimed flooring company has a custom made collection of antique panels and parquet. This collection has an endless array of classy designs and chic patterns to suit every taste and preference. From charcoal and honey brown to beige and painted parquet, the assortment has endless possibilities for every colour concept and theme.

Revive the charm of the bygone times with classy and chic Reclaimed Parquet Flooring. Sustainable housing is the latest trend followed by leading architecture practices and designing firms in the UK. Recycled wood is the best way to richly restore an abode and give it a pastoral feel while keeping it low on the carbon footprint. RFC brings in more and more choice in salvaged materials for restoration and renovation of homes and offices. Build an eco-friendly and energy efficient home with authentic Reclaimed Parquet Flooring For Sale.

Customers can find Reclaimed Parquet Flooring For Sale on line at the reclaimed flooring co. RFC also offers tailor made solutions and finishing services for residential and commercial spaces. The company has successfully accomplished many award winning projects and is the official trademark owner for many reclaimed wood flooring ranges in the U.K.

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