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CPU Under Desk Holder First and Foremost Security Device for the Computer

CPU under Desk Holder keeps the computer off the floor and out of the way. It makes moving the computer from one place to the other easier and convenient. They provide more floor space and dust proof coating for the computer’s CPU.


Vejle, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2015 -- CPU under Desk Holder for CPU safety

CPU under Desk Holder helps Keep the computer cleaner, and out of the way. People can now move their computer to a more convenient location with the CPU holder with under desk mounting kit. Save floor space or desktop space, help keep dust and dirt out of the computer case, and keep the media drives within easy reach. The CPU holder is constructed of rust-proof powder-coated steel; this stylish bracket adjusts to fit virtually any sized tower case or can be used to conveniently mount a desktop case on its side. The hanging CPU holders from Complement Ltd are fully padded with anti-scuff, anti-skid foam to eliminate case damage and prevent the computer from sliding out of the bracket.

Complement Ltd has introduced a new stand in the form of a medical cart called the Medical Cart HC-120 with power 230V AC, it is a medical cart design to be used with a laptop. It is similar to the HC-100 but this has a built in power system which supplies power to the laptop and the other parts that require power, through it's built in batteries. The batteries of this new introduction can be charged through a wall plug.

Benefits of a CPU under Desk Holder

The all new CPU under desk holder has various benefits like:

- Mounts under desk with screws
- Computer can slide out from under desk and rotate 180 degrees
- Simple assembly and installation
- No additional tools required to assemble
- Bottom clamp measures to 10 1/2" and top mount clamp measures 13 1/4" x 5 1/2"

The reviews of this product have been extremely positive by satisfied customers. Whose main aim for getting a CPU under Desk Holder was to make floor cleaning easier by raising the CPU off the floor, get access to the back of the device without struggling and also to give the work place a more professional look. Some of the users have also mounted heavy industrial PCs on the holders and are very much satisfied with its quality. The customer service team at Complement Ltd is also very helpful, be it a last minute installing or any other problem. They are always available to help in all situations. The holders are exclusively engineered and very well made for all needs and requirements, be it residential PC, an office Pc or an industrial use PC. Te holders from Complement Ltd fit in all requirements equally well.

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