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The Plot to Kill God: As War Between Good & Evil Reaches Tipping Point, Searing New Book Unabashedly Takes on Enemies of God

In ‘The Plot to Kill God’, Dr. Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr’s message is simple – the Second-Coming is arriving, and Christians are allowing the forces of evil to win. Through an intense book that is uninhibited, unapologetic and passionately politically incorrect, Mrkvicka unravels the debate to leave Christians with a decision; do they want to stand with Christ, or become his enemy? The time to make that choice is now, as God is rapidly being kicked out of society and evil intensifies.


Marengo, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- Dr. Edward F. Mrkvicka won't sugarcoat the truth – the war between good and evil is almost at an end, and man has one last chance to determine the outcome. In 'The Plot to Kill God', Mrkvicka makes a compelling case for the complacency that has seeped into Christianity, a force directly responsible for the evil that is making an enemy out of Christ.

Mrkvicka is frankly-honest in his approach and arguments, and even goes as far as directly naming those responsible for this radical shift in good and evil. Above all, the author equips readers with all they need to decide if they want to stand with Christ, or let evil destroy humanity.


The battle between good and evil is nearing its end ... and the wrong side is winning.

'The Plot to Kill God' by Edward Mrkvicka is unique in that it boldly blends the spiritual with the secular. The book "names names" and unabashedly takes on the enemies of God. It is a non-politically correct clarion call that explains how and why the war between good and evil has reached critical mass and what God expects His people to do in response. It's a book that will change lives - and save many others.

What we do or don't do in our public and personal lives will determine the outcome of this spiritual war. Written with nominal Christians in mind - those not particularly strong in their faith - The Plot to Kill God imparts an important caveat to those fighting, or merely witnessing, this war: Only those who stand for God in this life will stand with Him in the next.

"Excuse my brashness, but we need to act before it's too late," explains Mrkvicka, a multi-award winning Christian writer. "Too many Christians are happy to stand by God, but only if they can do so in silence. As soon as it seems like it will cost them anything, they back down and let the evil forces prevail. These people are clueless about the enemy the Bible warns them to always be aware of, and this book is for them."

Continuing, "This silence means we have joined God's enemy in denying him, hence why God has almost vanished from our homes, schools and every other facet of society. This spiritual war is about to come to an abrupt end, and we have one last chance to swing things in our favor."

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Phillip Cole comments, "Christians need to be aware of this plot to "kill" God so that they can be ready to defend their beliefs. We need to be ready for the persecution that Jesus told us would come so that we can be prepared to stand firm in our faith. The Plot to Kill God is an informative read, and a needed call to action. It is clearly written and easy to understand. It is not an attack on anyone, but a an eye opener to the way Christians should be living."

Kelly Carpo adds, "its fascinating look at the many questions we have concerning God. Who is God? What is God? Is God a trinity? and so forth."

'The Plot to Kill God', from Outskirts Press, is available now: http://amzn.to/1GGRn4H.

About Edward Mrkvicka
Edward Mrkvicka is a multi-award winning Christian writer. He has been honored with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for "outstanding and invaluable service to the community," and an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree for "having served humanity as an author, lay minister and counselor, with outstanding dedication to the sanctity of marriage and to God's Holy Church."