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Published Author's New Book Helps Young Men Navigate Through Life with Clear-Cut Goals, Integrity & Good Character

Following the huge success of ‘Notes to my Daughter’, David A. Dixon returns to publish ‘Notes to my Son’ – the ultimate roadmap for a generation of young men who are often crippled by peer pressure and negative influence. Through trial-and-error, Dixon had to figure out the journey to becoming a successful man. This volume comprises everything he learned, candidly discussing topics ranging from anger and chivalry to friendship, sex, and fighting. It’s all an attempt to help wayward young men develop rock-solid good character, and build a life where anything is possible.


Castle Rock, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- In 2003, when David Dixon and his then wife made the difficult decision to divorce, he forged a commitment to remain active in his children's lives. While Dixon carved out a successful career of his own, he admits that not having a consistent father figure around, forced him to become a man the hard way.

In his powerful new book, written for young men around the world, Dixon helps readers avoid making the same mistakes as he did; while creating positive, fruitful habits that will last a lifetime. It's a book Dixon wishes someone had written while he was growing up…

Synopsis of 'Notes to My Son':

This is a book for teenagers and young men who are trying to figure out how to navigate through life. Many of today's young men don't have a positive male role model in their homes. For some that do, for a number of reasons, unlike past generations, they don't get to spend quality time needed that helps develop them and mold them into men. Through this book, David shares significant insight into many of the challenges teenagers and young men face as they move into adulthood. The book's lessons openly and candidly discuss male fears, pressures, false beliefs, and situational issues many males face as they go through their journeys of becoming men.

It provides depth and insight into the type of work young men need to put into themselves to be successful. Notes to My Son also directly confronts and questions the dress style of "sagging pants" while engaging the reader in provocative thoughts about faith, fighting, dating, keeping out of trouble, and developing good habits. This is a must read for any young man who wants to know how to build a road to success.

"Teenagers and young adults face very aggressive and almost inescapable peer pressure these days, which is responsible for turning millions away from their goals. The purpose of this book is to keep them focused on what they want, and mold them into honorable men who have no reason not to achieve," explains Dixon. "It's easier for young men to develop good habits from the get-go, rather than do what I did and go the wrong way before digging myself out many years later. I want to see every young man become a productive member of society."

Continuing, "I also address the vital disconnect between success and good character. Look at Madoff, for example; nobody will deny that he succeeded in making billions of dollars and living a material life most could only dream of – but it was ultimately illegal and he had no integrity. I want young men to understand that power and wealth are only as good as the character of their bearer. This is something few parents teach – but it's a message all young men need to hear."

Dixon's work is already being utilized in schools.

"Some high schools in Denver are currently using the book as a catalyst for conversations and debate in African American Studies, Sociology and English. It's also used as a tool by youth counselors who work with troubled teens. I'm so honored to see it being put to tangible use – and know it has the power to change lives everywhere," he adds.

'Notes to My Son' is available now: http://amzn.to/1F6tGkW

Purchase the author's previous book, 'Notes to My Daughter', here: http://amzn.to/1HLhQ09

About David A. Dixon
David is from Denver, CO. He is a graduate of Mercer University in Atlanta, GA, where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Besides Denver and Atlanta, he also lived in Arizona, Kansas and Missouri.

David also has philanthropic interests. For the past several years, David has sponsored a child affiliated with World Vision International. He enjoys speaking to, and interacting with groups of inner city kids, as well as those at the high school level or getting ready to enter college. Additionally, he has worked as a manager or consultant for several Fortune 500 companies and two of the Big Four Accounting Firms.