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Meet Jimmy Thomas – The Romance Novel World's "Model to Mogul", Heart-Pumping Secret Celebrity

While he manages to walk the street without being pounced on, Jimmy Thomas lives in millions of womens’ heads as their secret desire – appearing on the covers of over 7000 romance novels. But while he started as just a cover model, Thomas has since risen to dominate the industry – from creating the first stock image website strictly for the romance novel industry, while modeling, directing, producing and editing the photo shoots that supply all those images, to running the world’s only online profile community dedicated to romantic fiction professionals, and creating the first ‘all-inclusive’ annual Romance Novel Convention and Book Fair in the world. The latter is taking place in Las Vegas between June 24th and 28th 2015, with a host of other celebrities in tow.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- Walk into any book store around the world and pick up a romantic novel; chances are, Jimmy Thomas is on the front cover. In fact, Thomas can be found on over 7000 covers, each a unique work of immersive art in its own right. Thomas has an amazing story to tell, shifting from a simple cover model to literally dominating the romance novel industry.

It all began in 2008 when Thomas launched RomanceNovelCovers.com, the world's first stock image website dedicated to the romantic fiction industry. But, unlike similar services that have followed, yet hastily cobble their covers together, Thomas's unique creative flair set out a mandate to truly capture moments in time, intimacy and have each cover tell a story in itself.

Literally thousands of authors have purchased Thomas' work, making him the most widely-recognized cover model in the genre. Many authors wouldn't dream of allowing anyone else to grace their covers, including Barbara Bretton, a USA Today bestselling author who can easily put her finger on what makes Jimmy Thomas unique. She writes, "It's the emotion he brings to his photos. Yes, he's wildly good-looking but there's more going on than a pretty face: you can see what he's thinking and feeling and, for me, that's a very important distinction."

Thomas didn't stop at covers. He went on to create RomanceNovelCenter.com, the first online community bringing together romance fiction authors, cover artists, publishers, agents, models and anyone else looking to network with others in their booming genre. Thomas has since built a hallmark for his frequent authoritative articles that cover all areas of the romance novel creation process. It gradually grew to become something of a permanent online romance novel convention. Now building up a reputation for his world firsts, this ignited yet another spark within Thomas that has seen him excel beyond expectation …

In 2013, Thomas rented space in Las Vegas to host the world's only 'all-inclusive' five-day Romance Novel Convention and Book Fair. While initially set up as a small and intimate opportunity for Thomas to teach all he knows to anyone willing to listen, it has since grown to become a staple event on the literary calendar. Attendance has boomed each year, and 2015's convention is set to be the biggest and best yet.

New York Times bestselling author Angela Knight has attended both prior years of Thomas' convention, and wanted to share her experience on her blog. She writes, "I learned great tips about book covers, promotion, and even self-defense. I've gone to a lot of conferences over the past nine years, and it's rare I find out something new in every class. Well, part of the reason my expectations were a little low is because I didn't know Jimmy. Now, mind you, I love shopping for novel cover photos at his website, RomanceNovelCovers.com. Jimmy really understands women's fantasies, and he knows exactly how to play to them when he poses. During a couple of different classes on creating memorable covers and swag, he gave us some great tips on the topic. I must admit part of the reason I didn't expect much from the conference is that I figured any guy who looked like Jimmy would have the IQ of a Cobb Salad… Jimmy's actually damned smart, he knows romance readers, and he has insights about art, covers and photography romance writers would do well to listen to."

The 2015 Romance Novel Convention will take place between June 24th and 28th at Harrah's Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The registration package fee includes hotel and food, making it the first all-inclusive event of its kind in the industry, as well as the lowest priced for a five-day convention of its genre. Those in attendance can revel in over 100 masterclasses, a book fair with a live 80s band, an eye-candy party, costume ball, murder mystery theater, romance novel scene reenactments, comedy acts, autograph opportunities and more.

"I spent a decade traveling to romance novel conventions around the country, and began to see patterns for things attendees didn't like," explains Thomas. "The obvious one was the stress of all the separate costs involved, including additional fees to attend luncheons, parties and events at those conventions, which inspired me to launch a five-day gathering that was literally all-inclusive. Just get yourself there, and I'll do the rest!"

Continuing, "It's an opportunity for anyone in the industry to do business, learn, network and have fun through everything from Las Vegas-level talent and entertainment, to games and parties that will unite those usually relegated to only working together online. If you're involved in the romance novel industry in any way, it's a week you won't want to miss."

Thomas also works around the clock to line up a long list of celebrities to attend. A sample of this year's keynote speakers include NY Times/USA Today Bestselling Author Anne Stuart, TV Soap Opera and "Karate Kid III" Star Sean Kanan, New York Times Bestselling Author Linda Winstead Jones, Veteran 80s and 90s Cover Model and now on covers with Jimmy Thomas himself - Cindy Guyer, Singer, Songwriter, MC and Grammy Nominee David Nicoll, Cover Model, Dancer, Owner of 'Men of Steel' Julian Mora, and many more - including Jimmy Thomas himself.

Spaces are limited, and interested parties are urged to secure their places without delay.

For more information, visit: RomanceNovelConvention.com

About Jimmy Thomas
Jimmy Thomas is ambitious, determined, passionate, and goal-oriented. He's continually keeping busy, thinking of new things and ideas. He's very adventurous and loves to travel.

Thomas has been studying and teaching martial arts and kickboxing off and on since the early 90s, and has worked as a freelance Architectural Designer since the early 90s where he co-designed the first Platinum LEED Certified eco house in the U.S., as well as the first carbon neutral eco house in the U.S. He's an NASM Certified Personal Trainer since the late 90s, and has been modeling since the late 90s.

Thomas has written an action-adventure, sci-fi screenplay and currently converting it into a book. He has designed many websites, is working on a dozen inventions, a new fitness DVD concept, and a self-help book