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The Remnant House Comment: Great British Sewing Bee Gets People Going


Harrogate, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2015 -- According to recent figures released by John Lewis, there has been a correlation between the television program The Great British Sewing Bee, and a subsequent rise in the sale of sewing equipment.

This includes a reported 180% increase in sales in of sewing tools.John Lewis also estimates that it sold enough yarn in 2014 to go round the world twice, and the trend of sewing and crafting using fabric is only set to rise.

After all, there are an estimated seven million knitters in Britain, with those interested in the craft increased by the attention on social media. This highlights the rising popularity of creative enterprises, especially with fabric, which can result in a useful end product and can be especially rewarding.

The Remnant House are a company practiced in selling fabrics and sewing materials, as well as frequent commentators in the field. They were quick to reflect on the rising popularity of sewing and the prospect that this offers as a hobby.

"To see the rising popularity of sewing is fantastic," a spokes person enthused, "as it is ultimately a rewarding task which is accessible for people of all ages. It had been a typical stereo type over the years that sewing is just used as a quick-fix for fraying garments or loose buttons. However, we want to urge people, like the Great British Sewing Bee has done, that sewing does not have to be seen as a limited activity.

"After all, sewing not only can allow for the creation of clothes, but brilliant crafts – everything from stuffed toys to home innovations. It is an ultimate way if giving you freedom in your creativity, and in terms of clothes – allows you to perfect the fit yourself. Be part of a tremendous trend this summer, whilst still having the possibility to be unique - why wouldn't you give sewing a try?"

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