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Blackpool, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2015 -- Plastic packaging, in the past, has sometimes been exposed to negative press coverage - including issues regarding waste.

However innovations, especially within shrink wrap, have been not only the quantity of packaging minimized in recent years, but have also been part of recycling incentives, most significant and of increasing attention is a scheme in America – Morris County's boat shrink-wrap recycling program.

Not only does this illuminate the diversity of purposes for which shrink wrap can be used, but also that it can be incorporated as part of a sustainable productive process.

The shrink-wrap recycling program has, since 2008, seen more than 86 tons of shrink wrap recycled. This means that not only can it serve as an important, water-tight packaging but can later be transformed to other uses. It is anticipated that this will be a process to develop in the UK, especially regarding the increasing popularity of shrink-wrap as a diverse packaging form and increased political efforts towards sustainability.

uWrap, key providers in shrink wrap machines, and both new and used technology are frequent commentators on the field. They were quick to comment on the recently revealed recycling results."To see such positive incentives involving shrink wrap in the USA is really great," a spokes person commented. "Shrink Wrap, after all, is an especially popular medium in the US for putting around boats.

"These results from America should offer incentive both to users and manufacturers in Britain, that shrink wrap can be part of a productive and environmentally friendly process. People can make streamlined accessible choice; by having your own machine to seal goods you can specify thickness and density so material is produced to the highest quality and efficiency with minimal waste. As evident in America, shrink wrap can also be recycled and thus contributes to another industry in itself.

"Furthermore, it is important to see the sustainability of shrink wrap not only in regards to shrink-wrap but how it can provide that necessary air-tight seal for packaging food. This is key in preventing spillage, spoilage and deterioration too."

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