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Industrial Disease and Teaching: Zen Law Comments


Manchester, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2015 -- Recent investigations into industrial diseases at work have produced some profound results, especially within teaching.

The widow of a teacher killed by mesothelioma has pursued information via a Freedom of Information Request to gain HSE figures. These have played a part in revealing that at least 291 teachers have died from mesothelioma since 1990. This includes three teachers dying of the disease on average every year in the 1990; estimates suggest that this now lies at 19 a year.

Mesothelioma is the formal title for the disease Asbestos – often associated with places of industrial work. The recent figures illuminated that it can be an issue in a number of working environments, even schools.

Zen law are specialists in personal injury and industrial disease law, as well as frequent commentators in the field. They have been quick to comment on the raised figures.

"The information raised regarding asbestos and how it has been affecting teachers will be potentially shocking to many," a spokes person said. "It is a tragedy that people have been exposed to conditions like this and important that those who have or believed they have been exposed, get the justice they deserve.

"Asbestos was widely used as fire proofing and insulation solution in buildings typically built between1950 and 1990 – as it is a naturally occurring fibrous material. However, if disturbed, it can be incredibly dangerous. It is potentially present in a number of public buildings, thus why inspection is key.

"What is evident is that working buildings must be properly surveyed and safety standards met before employees can operate within them. Safety at work is the employee's right and if standards fall short in any way, it is within a person's right to seek legal advice. We hope that these figures will raise awareness of asbestos and the importance of getting all working environments properly inspected and treated."

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