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Vauxhall Announces Cutting Edge Eye-Tracking Headlight Tech


Aberdeenshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2015 -- An advanced headlight system which can make adjustments based on where the driver is looking has been unveiled by Vauxhall.

Headlights are one of the most important safety features available on vehicles, although the underlying capabilities of these components have remained unchanged for many years. Vauxhall is looking to address this with a new type of technology that will allow its future cars to detect where the driver is looking and alter the focus of the headlights accordingly.

Eye tracking is already available in some smartphones and other gadgets, so translating this to road-going vehicles should not be difficult. It requires that a camera is pointed at the driver so that infrared readings of their eyes can be taken to assess exactly where they are looking.

With this data available, the car will then make whatever changes to the headlights that are necessary, ensuring that you can see the road ahead when driving at night. Obviously the team developing the system will ensure that it can work out when a driver looks anywhere other than straight ahead and factor this into any adjustments.

Crucially the system will not only be able to work out where a driver's field of view is oriented along the horizontal axis, but also the vertical. So if they are glancing up and to the right, the car will detect this.

Further advancements made possible with Vauxhall's headlight technology include being able to alter levels of illumination automatically when different weather conditions are detected. Automatic dimming of headlight and brake lights based on the proximity of other vehicles on the road will also be possible.

Although the timeline for deployment of this system in new Vauxhall vehicles has not been announced, it should be on offer in the next few years before filtering through to the used market shortly afterwards.

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