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The General Partition Company Offers Their Service to Lancaster and the Lehigh Valley


Croydon, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- The General Partition Company provides an assortment of durable, well-crafted box partitions for companies needing reliable protection for their intricate and fragile goods. This April, General Partition Company would like to announce that they will be focusing more efforts on their clientele residing throughout Lancaster and the Lehigh Valley.

In the past few months, the experts at General Partition have noticed significant growth in shipments and industries throughout Lancaster and Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Tim Rahill, Sales Associate for General Partition, announced the company's intentions to extend their services to all interested companies by stating that, "General Partition would like to grow with these areas." Starting in April, the company will take all necessary steps to accommodate companies and individuals seeking quality box partitions throughout these regions.

For more than 50 years, General Partition has constructed exceptional box partitions for their clientele. They offer standard chipboard in a wide range of thicknesses, corrugated cardboard, as well as SBS. Customers interested in controlling lint and other particulates may benefit from Solid Bleach Sulfite (SBS) partitions from General Partition. SBS Partitions come in a wide variety of finishes including milk board and clay coat, and their smooth, refined finish protects against the buildup of contaminants.

Partitions from General Partition arrive pre-assembled and collapsed—all the client has to do is open up the partition and put it in their box/truck. General Partition has a variety of items catering to a wide array of industries including, but not limited to:

- Breweries/Wineries/Distilleries
- Cosmetics
- Glassware/Flatware Producers
- Pharmaceuticals/Nutraceuticals
- Packaging Distributors
- Machined Parts

For more information on The General Partition Company and how they help clientele nationwide with quality custom box partitions from an assortment of materials, contact them immediately. Reach The General Partition Company by phone at 1.888.501.4685. Interested parties can also direct any questions, concerns, comments or compliments to their e-mail at

About General Partition Company, Inc.
General Partition Company, Inc. is a Bucks County, Pennsylvania-based organization providing durable and versatile box partitions for a wide variety of implementations. They manufacture partitions comprised of chipboard, corrugated cardboard and Solid Bleach Sulfite (SBS).

General Partition Company, Inc. also has services to assist businesses plan and engineer intelligent shipping solutions using their box partitions. Their delivery services have a reputation for being fast and reliable. They also accommodate special orders like unique labeling and pre-assembly. Reach General Partition Company, Inc. by phone nationwide at 888-501-4685.

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