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The Radio Agency Gives the Secret to Timing Media Buys in Recent Blog


Media, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- Since 1993, The Radio Agency has been helping businesses create and improve their marketing, advertisements and sponsorships through AM, FM, Internet and Satellite Radio. Now, The Radio Agency is exposing the secrets to properly timing media buys for companies interested in pursuing radio advertisements from a qualified ad agency.

The blog is entitled, "The Secret to Timing Your Media Buy," and contains a breadth of useful information for any company looking to increase their broadcasting presence. Regardless of the size of the company, there are many advantages to using radio advertising, from increases in lead generation to improvement of brand awareness within their desired service areas, where it matters most. The Radio Agency works to deliver these advantages to each and every one of their clients.

The blog features advice and input from national leaders in top radio stations and radio broadcasting organizations. Some of the featured advice comes from names like Chris Kohan, General Sales Manager for WRRK Pittsburgh, Joby Koren, Vice President of Sales at KQMT Denver, Jeff Gonsalves, Director of Sales for KSTP Minneapolis, and Sara McMurray, General Sales Manager of WTMX Chicago. Each of these individuals is an expert acknowledged by their clientele and organization.

The general consensus seems to be that mid-month media buys aren't always the best deals. In the blog, Chris Kohan advises readers on the advantages of timing a media buy in the first two weeks of the month, explaining that it's "the best way to get low rates." However, this advice doesn't work for every organization or every budget plan. Joby Koren explains the advantages of waiting patiently for media buys near the end of the month. He advises business owners and managers about the great deals available at that time due to radio organizations having projected budget forecasts to meet.

Interested parties can depend on The Radio Agency to provide them with the best deals possible on their media investments, whether at the beginning or the end of the month.

The Radio Agency offers creative services to their clients, crafting personalized approaches to each client's media presence. Radio advertisements and commercials created by The Radio Agency are optimized to catch listeners' attention and present clear benefits and irresistible offers, in addition to rallying listeners behind an urgent call to action. The Radio Agency does everything in their power to ensure that no client gets the same radio advertising as another client. The Radio Agency has dedicated themselves to delivering the best radio advertising possible for their clientele through Internet, Satellite, AM and FM radio.

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