BatteryClerk Provides Batteries for a Variety of Devices


Ridgewood, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- BatteryClerk is a New Jersey-based online organization providing a variety of batteries to clientele throughout the United States. BatteryClerk is currently offering batteries for a variety of devices—if any form of device has stopped working due to battery malfunction or aging, individuals are urged to look at their selection of replacement batteries before getting rid of the device in question.

BatteryClerk provides the benefit and advantage of having batteries in case of an emergency. They provide Jump Starter Batteries that can be kept in a car or garage. In the event of a car losing battery power and needing a "jump start," the Jump Starter Battery holds more than enough charge to give a vehicle the boost it needs to get started. BatteryClerk also has a large selection of generator batteries, designed to be brought somewhere without power lines or to provide energy in the event of a power outage. Those interested in generator batteries can also purchase extra generator batteries, in case of a serious power emergency.

Medical batteries are another specialty of BatteryClerk, and they emphasize the importance of learning the specific constraints and lifespans of each battery being used in a patient household or medical practice/facility. Even if a piece of medical equipment's battery hasn't reached the end of its lifespan, it's better to have a back-up on hand; BatteryClerk advises that batteries can die without warning, sometimes when they're needed most.

Cell phone, smartphone, PDA, laptop computer and tablet batteries are also available from BatteryClerk, with an extensive selection to accommodate the needs of a diverse body of clientele. They provide batteries for popular manufacturers like Apple, Dell, Android, Nokia, Acer and much more. BatteryClerk also advises to preserve battery life by controlling display brightness, turning off Bluetooth and WiFi whenever possible, and managing active applications on all devices.

Aside from the batteries that have already been mentioned, BatteryClerk provides batteries for a wide variety of other implementations and needs.

This includes, but is by no means limited to:

- GPS Batteries
- Flashlight & Emergency Light Batteries
- Motorcaddy/Golf Caddy/Wheelchair Batteries
- Headphone Batteries
- Game and Game System Batteries
- Camera/Video Recorder Batteries
- Battery Chargers/Adapters
- Alarm and Barcode Batteries
- Lawn and Garden Tool/Accessory Batteries
- Remote Control Batteries
- Office Product Batteries
- Power Tool Batteries
- Specialty Solar Batteries

For more information on BatteryClerk and their extensive selection of batteries for a plethora of devices and uses, contact them immediately. They can be reached through a contact form available on their website, or by e-mail at In addition to this, BatteryClerk's Ridgewood, NJ, office can be reached by phone nationwide at 888-808-3520. Orders $99 and over from BatteryClerk feature complimentary shipping.

About BatteryClerk
BatteryClerk is an online retail organization providing a wide variety of batteries for different appliances, handheld devices, laptop computers, smartphones and much more. They feature 24 hour shipping on AJC Brand products as well as complimentary shipping on any order exceeding $99. Reach them throughout the United States at 888-808-3520

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