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Tile Tech Launches New Range of Pavers in Both Wood and Porcelain for Outdoor Spaces

TileTechPavers.com has created new ipe deck tiles and porcelain pavers to create beautiful outdoor seating areas and decking spaces, helping to create the next level of garden luxury underfoot.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2015 -- The garden is a wonderful space for lovers of the outdoors who still crave home comforts, and what's more, it offers a fully customizable outdoor space for people to express their creativity and design sensibility. Many like the feel of grass underfoot, but still more prefer to have decking to give them a level and comfortable surface upon which to place garden furniture, or a barbeque. Tile Tech Pavers specializes in outdoor tiling and paving, and has just created two new ranges of products, including IPE decking and porcelain paving tiles.

IPE decking comprises wooden tiles, which can be both smooth and grooved to create contrasting textures or a consistent space depending on taste. The wooden tiles can also easily be used to create raised platforms using adjustable pedestal accessories, and come in weathered, waxed and varnished finishes.

The porcelain paving has been created to expand the Tile Tech Pavers range. Lightweight, ultra thin and yet virtually indestructible, the porcelain pavers offer superior wear resistance. The smooth surface can also be printed upon, providing a huge range of tillable design options from wood effect to black stone.

A spokesperson for Tile Tech Pavers explained, "All our tile listings come with a full range of downloadable specs, details and even CAD files, making our products amenable to both residential and commercial property owners as well as designers and landscapers. The products themselves are affordable and durable, and of unmatched quality. The variety in which they can be bought also ensures that there are no limits to creativity beyond the imagination of those buying. Tech Tile Pavers is committed to providing the most robust and comprehensive selection of tiles on the market today, and these two new products bring us closer to making that a reality. We look forward to seeing them in gardens across the country."

About Tile Tech
Tile Tech is an American company with decades of experience in the production of Concrete Pavers, Architectural Pavers, Pedestal Pavers, Deck pavers, Detectable Warning Pavers, ADA Truncated dome pavers & matching stair treads. They also custom manufacture Interlocking Precast Concrete Pavers, Precast Concrete terrazzo tiles and Detectable Warning Pavers with ADA Truncated Domes.

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