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Office Habits Revealed: Bevlan Comment


Lancashire, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- A campaign launched by the British Heart Foundation into office working habits has produced some surprising results, just recently released. This includes that in a survey of 2,000 workers, 37% of men and 45% of women spend less than 30 minutes a day on their feet at work. This means, in turn, that much of the time is spent sitting down, in a sedentary position – as is typical when using computers and technology.

However, this has also raised concerns that the posture and comfort of office workers could be significantly implicated. After all, long periods of sitting can impact upon the back and legs especially if not sufficiently supported. In turn this has led to comment from key office furniture providers, Bevlan, who understand the importance of having a supportive structure in the workplace.

"These statistics are important, but not necessarily surprising," a spokesperson from Bevlan commented. "After all, so many office jobs now involve typing that sitting at a desk is ultimately a necessary requirement for work to be done. This is especially the case when the worker needs a desk too, in order to write notes, make calls and thus have their full working space. Ultimately, sitting for long periods of time, is, according to many businesses, a necessary requirement of the job.

"Therefore, what is essential is that office workers have the right furniture to suit their needs. Getting the right support from a chair is, for example, key to making sure that posture is maintained and that a person can also have an extent of mobility as they sit. Desks can also incorporate a surprisingly supportive design, taking factors such as leg-room and space into account.

"That is why we offer chairs and equipment suited for a variety of office spaces including chairs suited for 24 hour use, if used by a number of employees: for example, in a call centre. Part of the results issued by the British Heart Foundation, showed nearly two thirds of those interviewed were worried that sitting at work was having a negative impact on their health - much of this likely derived from poor furniture. Employers can,however, take efficient steps to solve this in opting for good furniture. After all, office furniture can be a worthwhile investment when style is integrated with structure – allowing for the professionalism in the office and positivity for employees."

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