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Extract of Andy Shaw's "Golden Book" Revealed

Andy Shaw has actually recently shared how his own Golden Book assisted him to reach the point of accomplishing individual success, while also confessing that he still religiously takes it with him all over today.


Steyning, West Sussex -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- Andy Shaw, best seller author of "Creating A Bug Free Mind," just recently shared some advice with fans, which he claims can help for making the change of the mind over to structured thinking in a lot easier way. He also said: "To be sincere I should've spoken about this earlier, as it is among the easiest and most effective tips I share day-to-day with every student I have that's learning the Bug Free Mind Process."

According to Andy, the following extract has been taken straight from his structured thinking book called "Creating A Bug Free Mind"... "I will certainly remain right here and not move away until my mind is repaired!" He also confessed to saying this actual remark himself at his own particular point of change. He added: "When I was surrounding myself with all personal growth material, I decided I had to find simpler and quicker methods to absorb the coaching advice. I knew repetition was crucial to absorbing it all in, and as it was taking me too long to re-read books and listen to audio programs. The method, which proved to be especially powerful, was the one I call My Golden Book."

He explained that how it worked was that after he'd read it, highlighted, read and afterwards re-read the details in each book or audio course, he would jot down a bit of the text and where appropriate, alter it to his own unique understanding of it, Nevertheless, when he felt it was bang on, he would just copy it word for word. He added: "I didn't write in this Golden Book all that I'd learned from any book. I mainly concentrated on things which I had yet to learn, or I knew I needed to keep repeating to myself. Commonly they would just be bullet points, but, then I would have the ability to quickly get back to the state of mind from the chapter of the book I had read, and that is basically the key to success."

"What this implied was that I was able to get 95%+ of all of the advantages of reading numerous books and audio courses with around 5-30 minutes reading time," said Andy, who added: "So it was a sensible investment of my time putting together all of the info! Now, keeping in mind I have actually always done things at warp speed, I understood I needed this thing fixed, and quickly. So I cannot overstate the significance and the remarkable power which was contained within my Golden Book. It literally bestowed its wisdom to me in an ultra-efficient way, meaning I was able to effectively re-read some books 30 times and completely set up the proper thinking."

Andy restated that this was the single essential imaginative activity any individual can do, and the genuine reason why he created his Golden Book. He continued to discuss just how important his golden book still was for him today. He stated: "I have read my Golden Book many times as it really is so valuable to me. I read it as frequently as possible and whenever I let myself feel low; my Golden Book goes with me all over the world, even when I am away for a couple of days." More details about the Andy Shaw structured thinking system called "Creating A Bug Free Mind," can be found on the official web site, where there is also an option to receive the very first 5 chapters, with no charge whatsoever.

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