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A Growing Industry in Air Gun Sports: Cardigan Sports Comment


Cardigan, Ceredigion -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- Recent news highlights a significant boom in the US air gun sports industry, which may well have implications in the UK. For example, rising profiles have been in the form of Elite Shooting Sports in Virginia, and the opening of what is known as a 'guntry club' – where shooting is incorporated into a sporting recreation, with specially tailored facilities. It does appear improved provisions are being made for air gunning, with the industry worth at least $15 billion in the US and growing.

In turn, it could be considered that such a social expansion of air gun shooting as a sport can be anticipated in the UK. After all, success in pistol shooting both in the Olympics and Commonwealth games suggests that there is ready prospect for the sport to progress.

Furthermore, a number of recreational and sports centre across the UK have shown increasing interest in establishing shooting ranges. As a sport of discipline, skill and dedication, it is anticipated that attention towards shooting facilitates will be a worthy investment and could have the next series of successful young sportspeople in the UK's grasp.

Cardigan Sports are key suppliers of air guns, rifles and related equipment. "We think the surge in US air gun sports popularity is indicative of good growth in the UK also" a spokesperson from the company commented. "After all, with the rise of facilities and also a fantastic and growing range of equipment available which is transforming all the time, it has never been a better time to get involved.

"The US industry boom allows the UK to benefit from new stock which is being released all the time, the best designs and so much prospect."

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