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Pollution Problems: Gradwood Ltd. Comment


Stockport, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- A recent warning has been released by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) detailing that poor air quality is set to dominate the South of England – with a warning issued for the 10th of April though conditions are likely to perpetuate and even Intensify in the coming summer months.

The air pollution of focus is aggravated not only by output, for example exhaust fumes and various forms of fuel burning, but also far-reaching factors. This includes dirty air from the continent and Saharan dust which also became an issue in previous years. In light of this information, people suffering from respiratory conditions and young children have been advised to avoid strenuous exercise outside during these times.

The media attention given to the prospect of pollution and significant advice, emphasizes the importance of the atmosphere in regard to people's health. Quick to comment on this were Gradwood Ltd, experts in air conditioning as well as heating provisions, and also frequent commentators in the field.

"The growing publicity of instances of pollution really emphasize the importance of trying to maintain a healthy atmosphere" a spokesperson told us. "This is especially important regarding the coming summer months, when rising temperatures and increased petrol use are likely to only aggravate the situation further.

"In turn, it is important that people can take steps to both reduce and minimise their exposure to pollution. An absolutely essential part of this is in having public place and work spaces employed with the best air conditioning – capable of sustaining health and productivity. In light of these figures therefore, we urge employers and employees alike to ensure that they have appropriate ventilation systems for the situation. It is something which should be taken seriously."

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