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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2015 -- Steampunk Junction is an online shop offering original pieces of jewelry for sale. There is a wide range of products, but the main focus relies on steampunk fashion and lifestyle. With this in mind Lynnette Jewelry began to focus exclusively on steampunk fashion for hew new website, Steampunk Junction. There are always new products being made that is why it was imperative to have a website built.

Prior to the website launch, Lynette Jewelry was focused on Etsy and building a community there. With over one hundred positive reviews on Etsy it was time to expand and go off on her own. The new website is going to be much for functionally than a simple Etsy store.

The new website is going to be user friendly and interactive. There will be open discussions about products, reviews from clients on each product or on the jewelry line as a whole, and much more. This is all to make the user experience as pleasurable as possible.

Along with those changes comes a blog and social media sites. This is uncharted water for Steampunk Jewelry by Lynette Jewelry so it will be interesting to watch the traffic grow via off site marketing endeavors. There is a new Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter, which can all be found under Lynnette Jewelry.

The new site is planned to launch in the next few weeks and shop owner Lynnette is very excited. She says, "I cannot wait for the new site to launch. It will give my customers a safe and easy way to shop for my products online. I welcome all feedback." Having an optimistic look on the new website.

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I learned how to wire wrap from my neighbor. She took me to a bead show and from then on, I was hooked. Making jewelry is very therapeutic for me. It helped me through some rough times with my two bouts of cancer, and it was something enjoyable for me to do during my chemo treatments. I'm fully recovered now, and running my own home-based jewelry business.

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