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Full Proof Intelligence Announces Funding for New Cyber Protection Software

Recent high-profile hacking attacks have led to the need for new forms of protection such as this software, reports FullProofIntelligence.com


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- Full Proof Intelligence announces they have obtained funding for their new state of the art cyber protection software. Funding has been provided by a Chinese Billionaire and Russian Oligarch-as these individuals understand the importance of protecting one's information from cyber attacks. Hacking attacks continue to increase in frequency, and this Cyber Security software helps to protect against these invasions.

"The Full Proof Intelligence CEO has now closed a deal to fund completely new cyber security software. This program is being funded by two prestigious individuals who wish to remain anonymous. The deal could be straight out of a James Bond movie and the software will help to protect everyone who makes use of a computer," Mark Hill-Wood, spokesperson for Full Proof Intelligence, explains.

Cyber security remains on everyone's mind today as there have been a string of recent high profile hackings. Hacking attacks account for 400 billion dollars a year lost and a 59 percent increase has been seen in these cyber crime incidents. This company is known for its bespoke personal, Business Intelligence and security solutions offered to individuals and businesses. Whether one is in need of personal wealth management, corporate security training, sports security or public sector intelligence and advice, the Full Proof Intelligence team offers a solution.

"As private intelligence specialists, Full Proof Intelligence receives access to private funding from high profile clients. These clients respect the need to invest in encryption and various other technologies designed to stay ahead of advancements in data hacking. Our firm supplies an unparalleled experience within the intelligence industry, which is why high profile clients such as this turn to us," Hill-Wood continue.

Full Proof Intelligence currently holds a contract worth five million pounds to protect the royal family of Saudi Arabia. In addition, the company recently provided protection and security around the clock for a famous singer as she embarked on a worldwide tour. The singer found the close protection services team offered unparalleled levels of security along with a personal touch. These are only two examples of services provided by Full Proof Intelligence.

"When one needs help, Full Proof Intelligence is ready to assist. When a problem keeps a client awake at night, regardless of what it is, the team at Full Proof Intelligence won't sleep until the problem has been solved," Hill-Wood proclaims.

About Full Proof Intelligence
Full Proof Intelligence provides first class intelligence to governments, individuals and firms. They are a global intelligence agency providing bespoke, personal, business intelligence and security solutions services to businesses and individuals.The company is known for their superior level of service and fluid problem solving process. The service is hands-on, personal and owner led to ensure every problem is analysed and explored from the roots to provide the optimum bespoke solutions.