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Kenyan Gardens Transformed Thanks to Hydroponics, One Stop Grow Shop Comments


Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- UK hydroponic company, One Stop Grow Shop, have recently commented on the news that hydroponics have seen a massive uptake in Kenya, helping create greater produce for the country.

A farmer from Limuru town in Kenya, Janet Kananu, has recently revealed how hydroponics have helped farmers in the area immensely thanks to the training courses offered on the growth method from the NGO. It has helped keep growth levels high in spite of the dry spell the country has been experiencing for several years, thanks to hydroponics needed far less water than traditional growing.

Kananu said, 'This is our silver lining. If we all turn to hydroponics, we could increase our yield tenfold.' Hydroponics agriculture has given me an opportunity to feed my family and my animals by increasing my overall yield.'

The managing director of the Center for Appropriate Technologies, KirogoMwangi, has been helping farmers obtain the equipment needed, and hydroponics has gained a foothold in Kenya thanks to the aid offered.

Mwangi said, 'We assist farmers with technologies that we bring from the western world and make them appropriate for Africa. We recommend this system to many of the farmers who to us for training.'

The method has allowed Kenyan farmers to avoid soil borne diseases, and has been used for growing fodder for livestock and vegetables for human consumption. It also makes it easier for the farmers as no tilling or weeding is necessary to set the systems up in place.

Often commenting on industry news, a spokesperson for One Stop Grow Shop said, 'The uptake in hydroponics is taking place across the world, and stories such as this one show just how much of an impact hydroponics has had on the world farming and gardening landscape. It's helped struggling countries, and it has provided better results than many have experienced through traditional farming methods.

It's easy for anyone to take up too, and we sell a great range of starter kits to get everyone up and running with their own hydroponics growing.'

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