At Least 60% of Mobile Hotel Bookings Happen Within 24 Hours of the Visit: Roommaster Reflects


Hertford, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- Embedded in a report concerning the top hotel technology trends, interesting statistics have come to light that more than 60% of hotel bookings happen within 24 hours of a stay, according both to Orbitz and Travelocity.

This highlights that booking a hotel may often be a last-minute decision for clients, and this ultimately emphasizes further the importance that they get a quality and efficient service. However, what the implied last-minute nature of booking also potentially accentuates is that this may well put pressure on hotels and their management. Especially when controlled manually, co-ordinating room bookings can be complicated in itself.

Last-minute bookings are of course excellent revenue, but potentially stressful to co-ordinate efficiently. It is anticipated, furthermore, that last-minute bookings have become a more ready feature of the last decade – considering the rise of online booking sites, as well as the increasing intensity of the working week and more jobs involving extended commutes.

Quick to comment on these interesting results were RoomMaster, leading experts in software solutions for the management industry: "The fact so many more bookings happen with 24 hours of a stay means that hotels regularly have to work with extra efficiency to get things done on time," a spokesperson told us. "Because so many of these last-minute bookings are the product of the internet – both to book and for clients to get the best deals, it is increasingly important that hotels also take the appropriate steps to get to grips with technology.

"Keeping in touch with technology ultimately means an efficient software solution. Software can be synchronized to increasing areas of hoteling including facilitating online booking, which is where so many last-minute stays sourced from.

"In opting for a software solution, this efficiently manages elementssuch as room-booking too, so those last-minute entries can be practically logged and even emphasized. A software solution is increasingly important for keeping businesses on-point, and in the hoteling industry this not only allows for spontaneity, but can also mange a number of other tasks such as appropriate size allocation; they can even be linked to entertainment systems, significantly enhancing the guest experience."

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