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South Thames Gas Comments on the Council's Interest Towards Solar Panels


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- News from Dorset county Councillors has revealed a rising interest in solar energy, in particular solar panels.

Not only do solar panels allow for a reduced carbon method of generating energy, but can be used to follow along with political commitments to improved energy sustainability.

Considerable figures came from Dorset Council – pledging that over 900 homes can be supplied with electricity if the appropriate investments in solar panels are made.

900 homes could be considered representative of about 10% of the county council's electricity demand satisfied, deriving from an anticipated3 to 5 megawatt site.

This ultimately means that though not a significantly large area occupied by solar panels, a significant amount of power can be generated. The fact that politicians and local Councillors are showing increased interest ultimately emphasizes the importance of solar energy.

South Thames Gas are experts in energy provision and frequent commentators in the industry. They were quick to comment in light of the latest news. "It is brilliant that those involved in political circles are increasingly seeing the benefits of solar – and this extends across the country," a spokesperson said.

"Investment in solar after all is a secure investment for the future. The sun will always bean available resource and therefore there is not under the threat of falling fuel levels or carbon dioxide emissions.

"It is important, too,that the public recognizes that they can be part of this. The installation of solar panels is increasingly popular on or around the home, especially on roofs. Solar panels can be easily integrated on top of the house and give households the prospect of generating their own sustainable energy, as well as promoting a community feel.

"Solar panels are a secure investment for energy; they do not operate on the basis of the sun being visible, as some people think. What the solar panels we provide operate on is a principle of light absorption – so it does not matter whether clouds are present or not."

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