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Honda Launches Innovative YouTube Ad Campaign

Part of Honda’s launch campaign for their new CR-V is a unique video, which has already gone viral.


Dundee, Scotland -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- This unusual advert was though up and produced by the mcgarry bowen agency in London. The video shows a new Honda CR-V driving through a changing landscape on a loop road. It looks great, but at first does not appear to be very different from a standard car advert.

The twist is that the road is on an infinity loop and that the light and weather conditions change with the time of day or night. That means that what people see when they view the advert depends on what time of the day or night they are watching the video. Viewed at night people see the CR-V with lights on traveling through a dark landscape, at noon the sun is high in the sky and the lights are off.

It is a simple and neat twist, which is bringing people back to view the advert multiple times. The advert is proving to be an effective way to improve brand awareness and subconscious recognition of the Honda brand.

Naturally, the advert is designed primarily to boost sales of new Hondas, in particular the CR-V, but it is having a trickle down effect on the used car market. There is some evidence from second hand car dealers that more people are interesting in buying a used Honda in Dundee and in many other parts of the UK.

They have seen the ad and read about it, which has put Honda cars firmly at the forefront of buyer's minds. This kind of advertising has the effect of grabbing the attention of the public and raising general brand awareness, which is why firms try to achieve the viral effect that Honda has with their new advertising campaign.

Producing the advert was complex and time consuming. The first step was to recreate a piece of a loop road in South Dakota, US. This was done by building a model at Shepperton Studios in the UK. In total, the team made 126 different versions before they were happy.

The model gave the film crew 24/7 access to the road, which allowed them to create the different light and weather conditions needed to make the video. The process was painstaking, but the results have already been well received and it already looks like this will turn out to be one of Honda's most successful advertising campaigns.

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