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Searing New Book Urges Readers to Avoid Losing Their Souls to the Devil; as Evil Engulfs 'Modern Eden'

Meticulously researched and crafted by Tom Graneau, ‘The Devil in Modern Eden’ exposes the influence of Satan that can be seen and felt in every nook of society, even though fewer than 40% of Americans actually believe in the Devil. Graneau proves that he exists, drawing attention to his current weapons of deception and waking readers up to the fact that they could be losing their souls irreparably. This volume contains shocking material; a message to a blind world that has been deceived at every juncture.


Temecula, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2015 -- A recent survey from Barna Group reported that 60% of Americans don't believe in Satan. Through his passionate research and ministry, Tom Graneau knows the truth – that Satan, who is also referred to as the Devil, is actively working to prevent everyone from entering heaven through evil that has come to light in every corner of humanity.

In 'The Devil in Modern Eden', Graneau compares the modern world with a tragedy that took place years ago in the Garden of Eden, proving that the conflict between God and Satan that triggered the Fall of man is far from being over.

This compelling volume makes no bones about the fact that as the end of time approaches, Satan is more vicious than ever; attempting to exploit people for his purpose. "Through the medium of greed," says Graneau, "he inspires us to acquire wealth, power, fame, or objects of value that extend beyond the dictates of basic survival and comfort. The resulting condition is a world of stress, anxiety, depression, and other debilitating problems."

"Satan is currently scouring the earth as a roaring lion seeking to devour everyone," explains Graneau. "He is the architect behind political unrest between nations that results in war; the mastermind behind the corruption in politics, religion, and corporations; the manipulator of injustice; and the instigator of various crimes in our schools, cities, work environment, and even our homes."

Continuing, "I am out to expose the weapons of deception that the Devil uses through various mediums to destroy humanity and urge people to recognize them because, the less willing we are to believe in evil, the easier it is to be influenced by it."

No one—Christian or non-Christian—is protected from the Devil's evil intentions, and the lack of knowledge causes humanity to fall blindly into his traps. Graneau believes that even though this book is intended for Christians, everyone (people of all faiths) will benefit from it because of its immediate and long-term value.

'The Devil in Modern Eden' is due for release in mid-June, 2015.

For more information, see: http://www.thedevilinmoderneden.com/

About Tom Graneau
Tom Graneau is a former member of the US Navy and a financial management specialist. As an author and spiritual coach, he inspires others to spiritual vibrancy. Presently, he is focused on an educational theme for individuals and families, which he calls the Uncommon Language of Life. He resides in Temecula, California.