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The Day We Rode the Rainbow: Multi-Sensory Book Series, Hailed "What Fun for a Child!" by Critics, Prepares Kids to Thrive in 21st Century

Meticulously designed and crafted by Jodi F. Mays and illustrated by M.J. Reinhardt, ‘The Day We Rode the Rainbow’, the first volume of ‘The Book Series with a Purpose’, is bucking all literary trends. Cutting through the slew of eBooks currently flooding the market, Mays empowers young readers to foster self-esteem, tolerance and honesty through a multi-sensory reading experience and book-related activities. Children will find themselves reveling in a story about a group of butterfly friends with a dream of riding a rainbow, while indulging in activities ranging from coloring and holographic foils to unique 3D glitter stickers and discussion suggestions. Mays is passionate about the “4Cs” of the 21st Century (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking), and is committed to helping prepare children for a lifetime of success through traditional, time-tested literary methods.


Malibu, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2015 -- There is no way of sugarcoating the facts: technology's boom threatens to raise generations of children who lack the 21st century and social skills they need to succeed. No thinking person can blame kids for their fascination with gizmos and gadgets – but one California author is on a mission to help children everywhere get their daily dose of empowerment through a "traditional" book that nonetheless offers more than your typical children's read.

Jodi F. Mays' 'The Day We Rode the Rainbow' is a truly multi-sensory, multi-dimensional reading experience designed to address 21st Century challenges ranging from self-esteem and tolerance to team work, manners and the importance of honesty. But as for the kids, well…they'll just be having fun with 3D stickers, coloring, holographic foils and a host of other vibrant 'feel-and-touch' elements and multi-dimensional book-related activities.


Step into this beautifully-illustrated story, introducing a world of imagination and immerse yourself into a day of play with a group of butterfly friends—and one who was different. Experience a small world come alive through rich, happy colors and whimsical drawings. Enjoy an interactive, fun story about finding friendship, self-acceptance, and tolerance while the friends strive to "ride the rainbow" and learn new things about themselves. Come and let this magical group of butterfly buddies entertain you while they explore their small world with you—and attempt to fulfill their dreams.

Educators and child psychologists have approved this fun and creative adventure for an entertaining way to introduce tolerance, kindness, self-acceptance, and social skills without young readers even noticing.

"This is a truly immersive reading experience, the first in 'The Book Series with a Purpose'," explains Mays. "The whimsical story and its interactive elements were designed to integrate 21st century skills as well as valuable social skills that are vital to today's life. This book and future volumes cover it all – from anti-bullying and the importance of being kind to one another to the suggestion of 'electronic-free days', so children and their families can get back to the basics of spending quality time together as well as to promote the love of reading."

Continuing, "Each book encompasses various skill levels to present unique challenges to young readers, with hands-on elements that will engage them differently than any eBook can. It's perfect for individual play, group settings and even for use within the classroom. In fact, our team members can visit schools in butterfly costumes to help create "The Flow Experience" environment and support the teaching of the "4Cs" for 21st Century life skills -Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity and Communication with fun, interactive stations."

Mays' project transcends the world of literature. She has formed a charitable project called 'Foster Understanding Now (F-U-N),' which serves to help children develop strong tolerance, self-esteem and to promote the love of reading. Proceeds from each book will help fund charitable causes.

Since its release, this first volume has garnered a string of rave reviews. Tammi, a school counselor, comments, "This is a wonderful story for children of all ages. The story allows children to explore their own feelings of being different and how important it is to just be yourself. Everyone is unique and acceptance of one another's differences is so important. Great story to read! My children loved it."

Prof. Marcus Tobishek adds, "Appealing, descriptive narrative with delightful, bright, and cheerful illustrations—this enchanting story is a valid reason for parents and children to lay down the electronic gadgets and enjoy a fun bedtime story together . . . appeals to a wide range of young readers. Rich illustrations and a magical tale of seven good-hearted rascals provide ample material for an interactive parent-child discussion about values and social skills that should not be forgotten."

Michigan's Jan Ziegelman, who has bought books for her own charitable causes, has also been a direct recipient of books donated by Foster Understanding Now. She writes, "This beautifully written and illustrated book has such a powerful message. I am a professional photographer and former psychotherapist currently working on a photo essay that addresses the problem of mass incarceration and its effects on children and families. I plan to donate these books to jails all over Michigan so that children of incarcerated parents can feel positive about themselves and understand that they are good people regardless of their family situations."

'The Day We Rode the Rainbow', from Xlibris, is available now through the web-site

http://www.thedaywerodetherainbow.com, Ingram as well as Amazon: http://amzn.to/1JEakTO

More information and a host of resources, visit the series' official website: http://thedaywerodetherainbow.com

Video trailer- "EVERYBODY'S DOING IT": http://bit.ly/1FGJcFf

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About Jodi F. Mays
Jodi F. Mays is a free-lance writer. She divides her bi-coastal living between Malibu, CA and Longboat Key, FL. She moved with her family to Innsbruck, Austria with 5 English-German dictionaries and 15 duffle bags at a young age and still resides there at times throughout the year. She has one son with whom she traveled the world while he competed in International Junior Tennis Tournaments. She uses her colorful adventures as a modern-day gypsy as inspiration for her writing. THE DAY WE RODE THE RAINBOW is the first book of an interactive and fun series called 'The Book Series with a Purpose.' Jodi has also worked on educational projects addressing 21st century challenges for young children with creative solutions which she incorporates in her storylines. She is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Watch for the second book in the series called THE DAY THE LAKE DISAPPEARED, which is another fun, interactive story introducing the S.T.A.R Club Anti-bullying Code of Conduct which, is a 4-Step Bullying Prevention Approach approved by professional youth counselors and child therapists.