William Young Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Complete Vamos Mi Equidad, the First Ever Documentary Series About a Professional Soccer Team

TV Producer and director William Young is looking to film a documentary series named Vamos Mi Equidad that will provide access to La Equidad, a professional soccer team from Colombia. The funding requirement for the completion of this project is $115,000.


Bogota, Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2015 -- William Young recently traveled to Bogota for a film documentary program that will follow a professional soccer club in Colombia. His experiences took him far beyond the world of this popular professional sport and inspired William to explore the beautiful country of Colombia and its culture.

William's upcoming documentary Vamos Mi Equidad will be the first show ever to feature the entire season's trials and tribulations of a professional soccer team. This show will provide the audience an inside look at the training sessions of a professional soccer team named La Equidad. There will be different episodes of the show that will feature the different players on the team. The audience will also have an opportunity to get inside the home of these professional players.

William Young whole heartedly believes in this project. He wants to share the stories of these beautiful people and their culture with people all over the world. However, unfortunately, he needs funding support to make this project a reality. With this objective, William has recently started a Kickstarter campaign.

The proceeds from Kickstarter will be spent on the production of a full season of episodes. This will include ten episodes of one hour's duration. He plans to start production by early July and end in December. His plan is to cover different behind the scene events of La Equidad's season in Liga Aguila 2. William's work during this period would involve traveling throughout the country with a small Colombian crew to follow the team. Apart from the games, he will also cover practices and training sessions during the non-game days.

William has set a funding goal of $115,000 for his Kickstarter campaign.

This will cover expenses such as

-His personal expenses
-Living arrangements
-Paying a producer and two associate producers
-Conduct interviews and release locations
-Hiring a local camera operator for filming all of the content.

This Kickstarter campaign will end on May 18, 2015.

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About William Young
Originally from Dayton, Ohio, William Young received his BA in Journalism from Miami University (OH) and his MFA in Screenwriting from University of Miami (FL). Since moving to Los Angeles in '01, he has spent his career primarily as a reality television producer.