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Highly Sought After GoPro Accessory Gets Better

GOMA Industries offers free accessories with every GOMA Solid


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- A GoPro camera is a big investment. People spend anywhere between $129.99 to $576.99 on their cameras alone. So, when they buy accessories they want to make sure that they are not only getting an item that will work as described but that will also protect their expensive investment. GOMA Solid has been a huge success on Amazon and now it has gotten even better with their free product upgrades that protect their customers GoPro.

Now, when customers buy a GOMA Solid they are getting a free 2mm-thick plastic-coated wire tether. Bought separately this GoPro accessory would cost $7.50. This wire tether is an important accessory for any GoPro user. It allows users to easily and quickly carry their GoPro cameras from location to location. Now a user can simply carry their GoPro from their wrist when their shot is finished and set up their next shot without the fear of having their GoPro damaged or lost. It is usable with any GoPro camera.

Customers have always been treated to an accessory bag when they have bought a GOMA Solid but now it is made of faux leather. Customers have remarked at its incredible quality and at how nice it looks. A bag of this high quality would normally cost $3.50. This bag makes sure that all your GoPro accessories stay together and clean.

The GOMA Solid has been a hit since it launched on Amazon. The GOMA Solid's revolutionary tough 3-axis 180-degree arm has allowed users to easily frame any shot. With its convenient quick-release base users can remove their GoPros within seconds and with their free 2mm-thick plastic-coated wire tether and free faux leather accessory bag customers can make sure that their GoProsand GoPro accessories are always kept safe and secure.

The GOMA Solid is not only fully compatible with all GoPro editions.

About Goma Industries
Goma Industries is a popular camera accessories brand established by proud members and experts from the International Cinematographers Guild. The products they design for the filmmaking industry are tested to meet all the film industry standards, but can be used by non- professionals as well. The company ensures top quality of their products and guarantees full customer satisfaction with 30-day no-question guarantee.

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