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This Card Game Can Inspire Writers To Beat The Writer's Block


Bandon, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- Great news for authors and writers of all types including script writers! The 'Deal a Story' card game can be the best friend of all these writers because this can inspire them to beat the writer's block and come out with creative ideas.

These people may be writing for a living or they may simply be giving shape to their ideas and thoughts by weaving them into stories or plays. They need not waste their time any more for trying to create a bestseller using their creative juices.

According to Sue Viders, who has created this card game, this can be a game-changer because it is unique and simply out of the world. In general, card games are interesting and great fun and they can help in banishing boredom for everyone. But 'Deal a Story' has much more to offer because it can help create millions of different and fresh tales.

When a writer is struggling with writer's block, his or her channel to seek inspiration gets shut off. This can happen to every writer from time to time. So, these writers may be forced to spend a lot of time and make great efforts for clearing the paths that have got clogged up and are blocking their creativity. A few writers may give up due to frustration but once they take this extreme step, they may feel let down.

But with the news that 'Deal a Story' card game is available for them to trigger their creativity, they need not worry any more about how to re-inspire themselves. The way this card game works is both interesting and intriguing. The deck of 101 cards of the game is divided into six categories of sixteen cards each and the categories are Hero, Heroine, Villain, Genre, Plot and Flaw. Some of the genre examples of these categories are historical, inspirational, suspense, and horror and the plots may be escape, rescue, or coming of age.

The Flaw card that is the highlight of this deck is what brings true worth to the game because it influences the plot so well that the writer will get a lot of inspiration to come out with smashing, great and unique climax ideas.

To summarize, writers of all levels who are looking for new ideas whether they are unpublished, newly published, or multi-published, will find 'Deal A Story' as a great brainstorming game. With the help of the game, they can have "a unique and easy way to develop interesting story concepts." They will also be able to add new life to old plots as well as cardboard characters. This means the story combinations available to them are practically unlimited. They can play the game alone or can choose to play with a group for having more fun. The game can inspire millions of other people also to make their foray into this fascinating world of fiction that may provide them with unlimited ideas.

About Deal A Story
Sue Viders who is a former columnist for 'The Artist's Magazine' and author of 'Heroes and Heroines' and 'Ten steps to creating memorable characters', has created the card game called 'Deal A Story'. Writers who use this game can beat writer's block easily. They will have a great platform for building on their skills and creating magical characters through unforgettable, imaginary tales.

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