Promed Spine Reveals the 5 Best Sciatic Nerve Treatment Alternatives in Los Angeles

What starts with minor muscle aches and joint pains gradually paves the way for serious medical conditions like sciatica. For those who have been ignoring that lower back pain as a temporary condition need to delve a little deeper into this manifestation which poses a serious risk in near future. Promedspine is a trusted and reputed facility for availing Sciatic Nerve Treatment In Los Angeles.


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- The sciatic nerve runs right from the lower back down to the legs and being the longest nerve in the human body it is more prone to injury and nerve damage. This condition can be permanently healed with an early diagnosis and timely treatment.

Symptoms of Sciatic Nerve include persistent pain in either side of the legs and buttocks. The pain gets worse in the sitting position and is often accompanied with numbing and tingling sensations. When the condition gets worse it may even become difficult to stand up and move around. It mostly affects in the middle age and tends to develop over time rendering patients with a restricted mobility. Bladder dysfunction and neurological symptoms are a signal for surgical intervention. There are many biological reasons that trigger sciatica and the 5 major reasons are:

- Lumbar herniated disc
- degenerative disc disease
- Lumbar spinal stenosis
- Piriformis syndrome
- Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Pregnancy, spinal tumours and infections can also lead to this condition.

Non-Surgical And Surgical Alternatives For Sciatic Nerve Treatment In Los Angeles Include:

- Pain relieving drugs which include oral steroids, COX-2 inhibitors and non-inflammatory medicines are administered to relieve pain in the initial stage.
- Chiropractic care and manual manipulation are performed by trained experts and help in significantly reducing the pain by facilitating better alignment of the spinal column.
- Acupuncture is a treatment approved by the FDA and has proven efficacy in healing pain. It employs the use of hair-thin needles which are pierced into specific areas to aid the open flow of energy and alleviate pain.
- Massage has several benefits – it increases blood circulation, eliminates back pain, relaxes muscles and releases endorphins.
- Surgery is considered to be the last resort when all the above treatments fail to give a positive outcome and symptoms persist. It is an effective procedure to treat a ruptured disk and has a high success ratio when performed by an expert surgeon.

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