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Newly Launched Candle Alternative from Ignited Deals Spurs Acclaim

Ignited Deals receives high ratings as Amazon seller for excellent customer service


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- Amazon customers have left outstanding feedback for retailer Ignited Deals, a Fort Worth-based family owned and operated small business. The home goods company recently launched their flagship product, a 24 count set of LED flameless tealight candles, and customers have left excellent feedback.

Over the past 12 months, Ignited Deals has earned a 4.9/5 star rating on Amazon. The rating is different from the Amazon review system, which allows customers to leave reviews on specific products. Instead, using the rating feature, customers are able to rate the seller. Ignited Deals is quickly becoming known for its dedication to customer service, as well as its ability to consistently deliver superior quality products.

Recent customers noted that Ignited Deals was "a great seller", and one customer said, "Arrived very quickly. Seller is super friendly." The company is founded by Lorraine Robles and her husband, who are extremely dedicated to providing ultimate customer service. The near perfect Amazon rating shows the duo that hard work pays off. The company's Media Director, Marie Garcia, said, "Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. It's extremely important to the team that each of our buyers has a 5 star experience, and anything less is not acceptable in our eyes. We welcome all feedback...positive or negative."

Ignited Deals is proud to offer a safe alternative to traditional candles that is high in quality and functionality. With the flick of a switch, consumers can enjoy the realistic flicker of candlelight without black marks on their walls or wax to clean up. Aside from a 4.9 seller rating, Ignited Deals has received 5 star feedback for their LED tealight set. More information is available at http://www.igniteddeals.com/.

About Ignited Deals
Ignited Deals was founded by Lorraine Robles and her husband to deliver exceptional home goods products that infuse world-class customer support and premium craftsmanship.

Marie Garcia, Media Director
Ignited Deals