Dr. Bernie Siegel, Bestselling Author & Renowned Speaker / Leader in the Art and Science of Medicine Joins Dr. Paula Joyce on Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit

Voice America Talk Radio Network, Internet broadcasting pioneer, producing and syndicating online audio and video, today announced that bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker and leader in the art and science of medicine, Dr. Bernie Siegel, will join Dr. Paula Joyce host of Uplift Your Life: Nourishment of the Spirit radio program on the VoiceAmerica 7th Wave Channel http://www.voiceamerica.com/channel/250/voiceamerica-7th-wave Thursday, April 23 at 8 AM Pacific Time.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- We've been taught to think of doctors as gods. They know our bodies better than we do. If we want to get better, we have to listen to their advice. They know the truth. We have learned to deny our own wisdom and to put ourselves solely in their hands. Sometimes this is the right choice. Often it is not. We must change this pattern of ignoring what we know about our own body. We must take charge of our own health and stop denying that nagging feeling that something is wrong. Getting more than one opinion from medical doctors, alternative medicine practitioners and trusted healers and determining which course of action is best for you now is essential. Especially in this age of litigation, doctors depend more and more on tests that are often inaccurate and/or only tell part of the story. They often miss cancer until it is terminal. They choose to listen to the test rather than to the patient. Join us Thursday when world-renowned expert, Dr. Bernie Siegel, tells us to be our own advocate.

Bernie Siegel, MD, retired from general and pediatric surgical practice in 1989 and has since dedicated himself to humanizing the medical establishment's approach to patients and empowering patients to induce their own healing. He founded Exceptional Cancer Patients to facilitate self-healing. Bernie's bestselling books include Peace, Love and Healing and 365 Prescriptions for the Soul. He is a sought-after speaker on patient and caregiver issues and author of a new book, The Art of Healing.

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ABOUT Dr. Paula Joyce
Dr. Paula, The Life Doctor, (http://paulajoyce.com/site/) has helped thousands of people improve their health, wealth and relationships through writing, coaching and speaking. Her clients attain success, achieve breakthrough thinking and enhanced productivity with her Ultimate Creative Problem Solving Process, which aligns and integrates information in both sides of the brain. Clients dissolve hidden fears and blocks, solve challenging problems and reach their goals.

Despite being told that she could not write creatively, paint or dance, Dr. Paula is a bestselling author, an internationally shown artist and an accomplished Argentine Tango dancer. She broke the family rules by being a working mother, who did postdoctoral work at Yale and was Director of Leadership Development in a school district where she coached and trained top level executives. She has overcome emotional and psychological abuse and learned to see the positive in every experience and feel the gratitude for all of it.

Dr. Paula is the bestselling author of Nothing But Net and her e-book, 33 Tips for Self-Empowerment, is the first in a series of 33 Tips books. Dr. Paula has spoken to organizations such as: American Express Financial Services, Baylor University Medical Center, Jung Society and Voluntary Hospital Association. She was in USA Today, Dallas Morning News and on national radio and television. She was named one of America's Leading Experts and recognized by The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors.

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