Good News! Now Kids Too Can Enjoy Hunting at the Special Day of Youth Turkey Weekend

10th annual youth turkey hunt fair will take place at April 25-26, 2015, the weekend before springtime gobbler hunting season gets in progress. During the 2014 youth visit, young hunters took 471 turkeys, almost 12% of the total springtime turkey harvest.


Safford, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- The tenth annual state youth turkey hunt fair is going to be held on this April 25 and 26. All the hunting and shooting fans waited for this fair throughout the year and practice a lot through the year. But to become a real turkey hunter every individual need to cover the basics of turkey calling and turkey hunting safety. A famous Fish and Game wildlife biologist well-known as Andrew Timmins said "if a person wants to become a real turkey hunter, they need to know the natural behavior and history of wild turkeys. This will help them to analyze and make a perfect shoot that can hit the bull's eye.

There are many other things that participate need to follow if they want to take part in Hampshire's tenth annual turkey hunt in the youth weekend. As per the rule and regulation of turkey hunt fair, hunters must be belongs to the age of 15 or younger and must be attended by a properly certified adult age 18 or older. The adult doesn't carry a bow and arrow or firearm. Youth hunters don't need a shooting and hunting license, but they must have a valid turkey hunting permit ($31 nonresident, $16 resident). Escorting adults need to be holding either a recent New Hampshire archery or hunting license and a turkey hunting permit.

This is the special weekend training that provides youth necessary guidelines they need to know and mentoring adults a quiet, where they can focus on ethics, safety, hunting and shooting methods and discovering the natural world before the final month of the feast which will be started on the 3rd of May.

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