Trophy Hunting Is Recklessly/Relentlessly Doing Enduring Efforts to Save S. African Wildlife

Around 9,000 trophy hunters go to South Africa every year – 90% of them from the US. In 2012, remote hunters burned through $115 million in South Africa, where the hunting and shooting business overall obtains more than $744 million yearly and utilizes 70,000 individuals.


Safford, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- One of the controversial blood sport which consider as a big game is dubbed as trophy hunting. Parts of animals such as the horns, skin or head-are kept as a winning trophy, with the corpse often used for food. In some of the area of African countries, it is a permissible and lucrative business. A 10 to 12 day "elephant hunting package" could cost $36,000 and hunting a rhino could cost a hefty $100,000. South Africa's wildlife and luxury tourism industry allow the hunter to do the hunting of rhino, elephants and other wildlife for hunter's enjoyment and experience.

It is an expressively charged issue. A 19-year-old college team leader from Texas incited an uproar in July after posting pictures, in which she postured with dead African wildlife she had lawfully hunted on a wildlife trip here.

The IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare), an advocacy assembly based in Massachusetts, says in a post OF Facebook that the "needless killing of jeopardized species for trophies is economically short-sighted, inherently unsustainable, ecologically unreliable and morally incorrect."

Most of the people think that trophy hunting in South Africa is absolutely essential if they are going to look for the long-standing future for rhinos in the whole of South Africa. There's hardly a sole country anywhere in the entire world that can afford to run its national parks as South Africa run. South Africa is one of the richest countries in the region, Kruger Park has a million visitors and hunters a year and still can't afford to protect the rhinos.

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