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Blue Key World Launches New YouTube Channel and Its First Video


Elkhart, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- Blue Key World - a brand and retailer of cellphone and computer accessories, has recently launched it new YouTube channel, the aim of the new YouTube channel would be to inform people and keep them updated about the latest and innovative product from the brand. They have also released a new video on their new channel about their cable management system named Cable Clips Organizer. The Cable Clips Organizer has been a popular product from the brand that has managed to earn a fan following cable management system.

The new video addresses the most common problem people face nowadays, the tangled mess of cables that are troublesome and a complete waste of time. Most people use more than one gadget in their daily live, each of these gadgets comes with its own set of various cables, for people who like to keep things organized to save time and stress tangled cables are a headache. As a solution Blue Key World has introduced a cable management system named Cable Clips Organizer. The organizer is a simple yet ingenious designed circular shaped clips made out of SGS certified TPR material that is extremely durable and strong for long term use. The simple cable management solution is most suitable for people who are caught up in wire woes and tangled cables of their cellphone, laptop, tablet PC and other charging cables and USB cords.

The brand has chosen to convey their message through the medium of videos because customers respond well to graphic material rather than words and the Blue Key World brands believes their brand is all about innovation and simplicity that makes people's lives easier and allows them to focus on the more important stuff. In the future new videos from the brand will inform people about offer and new products.

The clips have a strong adhesive on the back side of the clip which sticks to most surfaces including plastic, wood, glass, rubber, metal and others. To place a Cable Clip Organizer on any surface, users simply have to peel the safety cover off the adhesive back and place them in a position and area of their choosing. Cable Clips Organizer allows users easy access to all their cables in the position and place that they choose. The unique and versatile design of the cable management clips works with both thin and thick wires that are commonly found on TV, iPhone, smartphone, cellphone, desktop computer wires and USB cords.

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About Blue Key World
Blue Key World is a brand and retailer of cellphone and computer accessories on, the brand was established in 2014. The aim of the brand is to deliver products that make lives easier for their customers and also saves time.

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