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Production Assembly Lean Manufacturing Impacting Merger and Acquisition Activity


Mankato, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/24/2015 -- Craig Barner recently reported in Forbes that merger & acquisition activity could get brawnier as smarter approaches to manufacturing make product assembly leaner and more responsive to demand. Production concepts, such as lean manufacturing, six sigma and total quality management, have been around for decades, but now new ideas, such as distributed manufacturing, are being tried. Whatever the approach, these models seek to improve the way products, from furniture to automobiles, are made. In addition, powerful new tools—robots, laser cutters, printed electronics, computer-numerical-control (CNC) milling machines, three-dimensional printing and scanning systems—are increasingly being employed in manufacturing.

These trends point to the need for more funding so that technology providers and manufacturers can upgrade their systems, products and offerings to stay competitive. Increased M&A activity in these areas is already happening, and some observers think deal flow—at least in some areas—will get bigger. Lux Research, a Boston-based analysis firm, recently issued a report on distributed manufacturing. Lux has done a lot of work with chemical and construction companies and advised such organizations as General Electric, Saudi Aramco, and Germany's Siemens, said Mark Bünger, Lux's research director.

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