Griffen Bikes Launches New Range of Bikes Designed to Keep Body Fit


Boca Raton, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2015 -- Regular physical exercise helps protect the body from severe illnesses such as heart disease, obesity, mental illness, cancer, diabetes and osteoarthritis. Riding a bicycle is among the best ways to lower the threat of health issues of a sedentary lifestyle.

Cycling is a wholesome, low-impact workout that may be enjoyed by folks of all-ages, from young kids to older people. It's also cheap, fun and healthy for the environment. Riding in bicycle to work or nearest shops are among the most time-effective methods to mix regular exercise with daily routine. Approximately one-billion people ride bikes every day – for transportation, sport and recreation.

Originally bikes were invented without pedals in the year 1818 hewed for just walking along. Today everyone is witnessing a variety of bicycles like BMX, hybrids, MTBs, ATBs, one-speed cruisers, and many more.

Taking peoples' health into account, a leading bike manufacturing company Griffen Bike launches its new line of bicycles like folding bikes, electric bikes, elliptical bikes, recumbent bikes and many more to count on.

One of the spokesperson of Griffen Bike said, "Nowadays people are moving towards ecological means of transportation. Besides, Cycling is principally an aerobic exercise, meaning one's heart, lungs and blood vessels all get an exercise. The rider will inhale deeper, sweat and experience elevated body-temperature that'll enhance his/her overall fitness level."

Cycling is a great way to control or lose weight, because it boosts metabolism, build muscle and burns excess fat. If a person is trying to slim down, cycling must be coupled with a healthier diet plan. Cycling is a comfy type of workout and one can alter the full time and strength – it may be developed gradually and varied to suit you.

Study indicates people trying to lose weight should burn at-least 8,400 kilojoules (around 2000 calories) per week through the workout. Constant biking burns about 1,200 kilojoules (around 300 calories) every hour.

About Griffen Bike
Griffen Bike, based in Florida, is an online dealer of all new and used bikes. Griffen Bike have been in the market since November of 2006 and they hold the position of best online bike retailer. They are not limited to new and used bikes, cycling gear, helmets, bike accessories and a lot more also include in this catalog. Their aim is to provide best competitive rates to all customers without compromising with quality or service. Griffen Bike believes their reasonable advantage is their matchless dedication to customer service and great team members.

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