Fix My Sprinklers

Phoenix Irrigation Systems Launches Fix My Sprinklers Repair Service

Phoenix's top irrigation system installation company launches new business providing the best in sprinkler and irrigation system repair


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2015 -- Most Phoenix homeowners choose lawns over easier to maintain desert-adapted landscapes. Most homeowners automate their lawn care responsibilities by using drip irrigation and programmable sprinklers to properly water their lawns. Lawns watered in this way are vulnerable to damage and loss if ever the automated system goes down. Local business Phoenix Irrigation Systems recognizes the importance of Phoenix homeowners' need for for reliably functioning equipment, and is pleased to announce the launch of a sprinkler repair sister company, Fix My Sprinklers.

"Phoenix receives just over eight inches of rain per year, on average, which isn't enough to maintain the green oasis of lawn that most Phoenix residents enjoy having surround their homes," explained Fix My Sprinklers spokesperson, Tom Moss, who understands the choice to maintain a lawn in a desert climate is not for the faint of heart. "In an area where summer temperatures routinely top 100°, and summer rain is a rarity, proper lawn watering is essential," he said. "Sprinklers and drip irrigation are a boon to such homeowners, but these systems must be consistently maintained and repaired or replaced promptly when problems arise in order to keep a lawn looking its best."

Few things are as important to Phoenix lawn care as regularity of watering. Routine maintenance and prompt repair as needed are twin keys in preventing both over and under-watering. Leaks lead to expensive water bills and a mushy lawn, and failures to perform, especially when undetected, cause grass to die. Valve inspection and repair, correct controller installation and service, and backflow prevention, are all critical to proper performance.

"Fix My Sprinklers repair technicians are the best trained in the business," said Moss. "We use all pro-grade parts manufactured by leaders in the industry. We understand the importance of water conservation, and economy and efficiency are always top on our list of priorities. It is our goal for every Phoenix area client to have a well-built watering system that performs effectively and efficiently, and that can be counted on to perform as it should. We believe we offer the best value in the area, and we seek to earn each customer's loyalty by offering only the best in products, parts, repairs and service."

Fix My Sprinklers provides sprinkler and irrigation system service and repair throughout the greater Phoenix area including Sprinkler Repair Scottsdale and Drip System Repair Scottsdale.

About Fix My Sprinklers
Fix My Sprinklers is a new subsidiary of Phoenix Irrigation Systems, a well known local Phoenix sprinkler and irrigation system provider. Fix My Sprinklers' highly trained and experienced repair technicians service and repair sprinklers and irrigation systems of every type, including Toro, Rain Bird, Hunter, Weathermatic and many more. Unparalleled customer service and professionalism is a company-wide commitment, and all repairs are made to code and come with a written guarantee on parts and labor.