How to Integrate Last Minute Mobile Hotel Bookings

Latest research by Orbitz and Travelocity has suggested that 60% of hotel bookings happen via mobile within 24 hours of any stay.


Hertford, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2015 -- The latest findings highlights how booking a hotel is often a last minute decision for clients and completed on smart mobile technology, and hotels must be prepared to accommodate quickly and efficiently.

Sanjay Saptarshi is Head of Hospitality at NFS Technology Group, creator of the innovative Rendezvous integrated hotel management software. Here, he explains the implications of these findings on the hospitality industry.

Says Sanjay: "Reliance on last minute bookings is undeniably a feature of the last decade, with the rise of more mobile friendly, easy to navigate booking websites as well as the increasing demands of the working week and stretched resources meaning more jobs require extended commutes.

"In theory, last minute bookings are of course excellent revenue, but in practice, this can prove stressful for hotels to coordinate efficiently. This is where having the right technology is integral, so that online bookings can be synchronised with the reservations taken by the hotel team to ensure a good experience for both the guest and the hotel front of house staff.

"Today software solutions need to deal with many aspects of a hotel's operation, from an easy online booking experience to managing rates, which are key to profitability and also to making sure that the hotel guest is kept well informed from the point of the online booking to check in at the front desk.

"When the guest checks in, it is critical to have the right technology to deliver a great guest experience. This includes fast check in, potentially on a mobile device, integration with in room entertainment systems, and the ability for the guest to book a range of hotel services like food and beverage and spa treatments in the most efficient manner. Here, an integrated hotel system maximises benefits for both the hotel operator and the guest."

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