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4.5 Million Struggle with Utilities: Stonewoods Comment


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2015 -- A recent study conducted by the Debt Advisory Service has revealed that paying household utility bills – electricity, water and gas typically - still remains a struggle for many, with 4.5 million people admitting that in the last month they have used a loan or credit card to cover one of these bills. Utilities are costs which often fluctuate, especially according to season and also the decisions of energy providers.

However, one key way in which to bring an extent of ease regarding utility bills is to opt for choices which may be more energy-efficient. This does not necessarily mean buying something titled 'green', but especially when considering domestic appliances, an option which will have great functionality as well as style. For example, if considering buying a fireplace, to reduce worries on the utility front, it makes sense to opt for a fuel type most suited to your home and needs.

Particularly in order to ease the cost of utility bills, wood burning stoves are becoming increasingly popular. Not only does a wood burner or stove option install the home with a classic feel and makes a great talking point, but is also energy efficient in that you can have control over burning the fuel you need.

Stonewoods, who are key providers of an array of fireplaces are also frequent commentators upon the industry and were quick to comment on these latest figures: "That may people find paying their utility bills a struggle or stressful is a major concern," a spokesperson commented. "However, people can feel assured that they may be able to make decisions to save them time and money. This may begin at energy-saving light bulbs but can extend to choices as a large as changing a fireplace. We stock a range of designs and fuel types which give people the freedom of choice depending on individual needs.

"For example, if you want a seasonable warmth, you could consider burning wood, whereas if you want something all-inclusive to the central heating in your home and potentially get a deal with your provider, you could opt for a gas option. The best providers will keep you briefed on all these choices and in turn, it is important for people to know that they can save money even when opting for interiors."

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