Season of Good Credit

Experienced Credit and Mortgage Underwriter Now Author, Releases the Newest DIY Book on Credit Repairs


Irving, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2015 -- Former Certified Home Buyer Educator and guest presenter for Consumer Credit Counseling and NACA, now author H. Denise Martin releases her newest book entitled "Loving My Season of Good Credit: Bad Credit Be Gone" in time for tax season in April for many Americans. It currently normally retails at $19.99 on Amazon but also available directly on Martin's website via PayPal with shipping and handling fees for just $24.94 within the USA. Various tariffs may apply for international orders.

About the Book

Just in time for the taxation season which usually happens in Spring time, Martin have decided to release the book in high hopes that it gets read by the right audience who are currently preparing verification and substantiation of their credit reports that are oftentimes deleted or updated even after initial processing.

"I know the process from the inside out due to my previous line of work as loan originator and real estate broker for nearly 15 years. I have seen literally thousands of credit reports that either get scraped or have erroneous information," opens up Denise. "As a result, they are charged higher interest rates than industry standards from various credit repair companies. But little do these consumers know that they can do the repairs on their own and I'm offering them that knowledge for just $20 apiece by buying my newest book."

The book is 52 pages long and focuses on helping readers finally bid goodbye to bad credit. It offers simple and easy to follow tactics that will make them less dependent from credit companies robbing their customers with hundreds to thousands of sums for an almost DIY set of tools and information.

Martin harks about the 700 club to imply the good 700+ good credit rating score that her readers will most likely achieve after reading this essential material. It offers an advanced credit repair system with step by step instructions with template letters that are easily editable and instantly processed for mailing to get individual desired credit scores.

About H. Denise Martin
H. Denise Martin started out as a mortgage underwriter and have done so for nearly 15 years. She has seen various strategies to turn around bad credits in favor of consumers all done by credit repair companies who charge double and far more than what's fair for consumers. This has made her choose the path of creating better consumers by listing various tactics and strategies that cost thousands of dollars before and is now a DIY matter. She is also a former home buyer educator so she happens to know how to teach people how to prepare for financing. Her experience as analyst and underwriter for various famed banking institutions in the USA such as Chase and Bank of America adds to her credibility and knowledge both from the inside and outside world of credit reports. She has previously released books on menopause, and hormonal changes or awareness depicting her current life struggles as a retiree all available on Amazon separately.


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