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My Identity Doctor Supports William's Syndrome Awareness Month Through Knowledge and Custom Medical Bracelets

This press release is to announce to readers that My Identity Doctor supports William’s Syndrome Awareness Month through knowledge and custom medical bracelets.


Lakewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2015 -- The public is relatively unaware of the rare genetic condition known as William's Syndrome. To help raise awareness of this life-altering disease, May has been designated William's Syndrome Awareness Month. A variety of events are expected to take place in every state in the nation including marathons and organized walks.

Individual's suffering from William's Syndrome may have a number of problems including a narrowing of the arteries from the lungs, decrease in heart functioning and high blood pressure. People with William's Syndrome may also have a higher incidence of kidney problems, hernia, feeding problems and elevated blood calcium levels.

A spokesperson from My Identity Doctor talked about the syndrome, "Because there are so many possible conditions involved with having William's Syndrome, it's important for someone with the disease to wear engraved medical jewelry in the form of a medical ID bracelet or medical ID necklace. By wearing custom medical bracelets, those with the disease will be protected in the case of an emergency if they are unable to communicate their condition to EMT's or doctors. By wearing medical bracelets people suffering from not only William's Syndrome, but other diseases and even allergies, can protect themselves against a misdiagnosis and also a too-lengthy diagnosis which could mean the difference between life and death."

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My Identity Doctor specializes in engraved medical jewelry like medical ID bracelet and medical ID necklace for both men and women. They know that easy to read, black engraving is the most important for your safety. By wearing a medical ID tag, you are ensuring prompt, accurate medical attention. Paramedics and medical doctors are trained to be aware of medical ID tags and their existence ensures that you will be treated immediately with no risk of error or a misdiagnosis. offers extremely resistant custom medical bracelets for men, women, and
children that holds up to everyday wear and tear.

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