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VideoMakerFX Continues to Make Whiteboard Animation Accessible to SMEs


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2015 -- VideoMakerFX , a tool to help marketers and SMEs create animated videos for business continues to storm the market by making whiteboard animation accessible and affordable. Since its inception, VideoMakerFX has been named the best video making software by numerous internet marketing communities including members of the Warrior Forum.

The video making software was first launched by Peter Roszak nearly a year go on May 5, 2015 to allow internet marketers and business owners to create customized and compelling videos by editing video templates with their message. Since then, the video making software caught on quickly with its user friendly design enabling even inexperienced individuals to produce professional whiteboard animation and other animated videos for businesses. Video Maker FX proves to continue helping SMEs by adding consistent improvements.

Video Maker FX has caught on well because it provides significant value and cost savings to video marketers and business owners alike. Base on a survey of whiteboard animation services, the average costs  of whiteboard animation videos range from $300-$1500 per produced minute whereas Video Maker FX allows it's users to develop unlimited, fully licensed videos with the video making software for a flat fee under $100.

Despite its incredibly high investment costs, animated videos for businesses have proved to be a worthy investment due to the increasing competition online. For SMEs to remain sustainable today, they require a digital strategy.  Specifically, video marketing is a critical component to any validated digital strategy; Youtube is now ranked as the #2 search engine in the world (behind Google at #1). Experts have been stating that videos are the future of content marketing . As more businesses adopt a video marketing strategy, business owners need to be creative and engaging in their promotional videos to differentiate themselves to consumers.

As whiteboard animation is one way which have been known to captivate its audiences, it has seen an advancement of these video making software such as VideoMakerFX. The release of VideoMakerFX was inaugural progression of video making software. Since then, other alternatives such as Easy Scribe Pro and Explaindio Video Creator  have come about as direct competition to VideoMakerFX which have provided internet marketers and SMEs with more improvements to video making software. Despite these alternatives, many have still preferred VideoMakerFX as their choice for the best video making software currently available.

The reason as stated by Andy Black of ArticleWriterPro notes that, "The flexibility of the software provides without the need for any technical skills is second to none…Video Maker FX will churn out a video that will make your marketing go 'Snap, Crackle and Pop!'. A truly awesome piece of software." Others have noted that Video Maker FX is preferred as it allows (1) flexibility with spinning videos and (2) convenience with drag and drop editing while (3) producing highly professional videos with numerous options for animation.  Besides being one of the first video making software of its kind, Video Maker FX continues to impress business owners and internet marketers dubbed as the "Spin Rewriter" of videos allowing for easy production of animated videos for businesses. To learn more about Video Maker FX and video marketing, visit the follow resource link on SEOtProsperity.

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