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Rest Easily Publishes New Guides to Pharmaceutical, Natural and Melatonin Sleeping Pills is helping people with conditions that affect their sleep find workable solutions, and is now tackling insomnia with new guides to the different sleeping pills available on the market.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2015 -- Sleep is essential for life, yet sleep is also increasingly difficult to achieve for a surprising number of people. The increase in work stress and the eroding boundaries between work and home life, the ubiquity of cell phones and the bright light of their screens confusing brain chemistry all contribute to disrupted sleeping patterns. Rest Easily is a site that has been created to help people with insomnia, sleeplessness and snoring deal with these issues, and has published a new series of editorials on sleeping pills.

The new guides begin with a discussion of pharmaceutical vs natural sleeping pills, going through the key differences between the two, the advantages and disadvantages, and listing some examples of each to give people an idea of what they look like in the marketplace. The site describes side effects and health risks, as well as recommended options.

In a separate article, the site describes the use of melatonin pills as a possible way in which to increase success with sleeping. The article includes a broad range of scientific studies as well as information on the best production of these pills, as well as what kind to buy. The site recommends time released melatonin capsules, though instills the need for responsible use due to side effects.

A spokesperson for explained, "Sleeping pills work better for some than others and their effects vary according to the source of each individuals' sleeplessness. As such we would never recommend a single product or blanket solution- unfortunately solving sleeplessness is not that easy. However, we have attempted to have a full and frank discussion about sleeping pills, their side effects and benefits, and the range of products available, so our readers can make informed choices on whether they wish to invest in these solutions."

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Rest Easily is an online resource for people suffering from sleeplessness, insomnia and snoring. Howard Casley, the founder, researches and reviews natural treatments to these conditions, and publishes his findings for the benefit of other sufferers. The site is regularly updated as new products and treatments enter the market. It contains invaluable, impartial, insightful advice for managing these conditions effectively. For more information please visit: