Fishing Joy 3

"Fishing Joy 3" Has Become Favorite Game for the 65 Million Gamers Worldwide


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2015 -- Testin Crash Analytics team and Coco platforms that worked on Fishing Joy 3 are proud of how the game has performed worldwide. A venture which started as a dedicated hope to giving casual gamers a game that entertains is now, a cult favorite, all thanks to the commitment and the persistent efforts to improve quality that both the teams have put.

Chukong Technologies and Fan Shao Quiang had joined hands in 2009 to come with a free Apple Store game that was on par with the then popular Angry Birds. Fishing Joy which is the flagship app of Chukong was received very well within gamers and today, continues to be a top favorite of 65 million gamers who love and adore the game.

Fishing Joy 3 which is the latest offering in this category of free games available on the Apple Store has exceeded expectation in terms of attention to graphics, portability, size and other technical aspects that make the game smart device friendly in every way.

A deep ocean experience where the gamer gets to come face to face with exotic species of fish is the essence of this addictive game. While the game is graphically stimulating, it also inculcates a sense of compassion as the player learns about catching the fish in an eco friendly manner. In the game, the gamer can use the experience to work on his shooting skills needed to ensure fish is caught in the net.

A close encounter with colorful aquatic creatures in the game is engaging but, more importantly Fishing Joy is entertaining all throughout and, this is the reason why, it is no surprise that the game continues to make headlines in the free game category of popular games on the Apple Store.

About Fishing Joy 3
Fan's and Chukong Technologies collaboration totally paid off as Fishing Joy 3 is being considered among the top games in the year. Fan is excited about the great heights that the game has reached and he would like to thank the wonderful team of Testin Crash and the platform support provided by Cocos platforms for enabling this record breaking success of the game.

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