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GetSolarPrices on Solar Panel Rush by 2020: A Good Omen for Consumers to Go-Solar

According to Energy Secretary Ed Davey, the sudden plummet in the solar panel cost had pushed the government to cut the subsidies to promote large-scale solar harvesting that has started last March of this year.


Norwich, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2015 -- Amidst the energy crisis that every nation is experiencing today, where oil reserves from major providers in the Middle East are facing great danger of drying up the oil deposits below the Earth; many have found hopes with the sun's renewable energy that is the solar power. The idea at first was not welcome by some nation because developing a tool to harness the sun's light to convert it into electricity may be costly. Yet, with the continuous efforts of many scientist and engineers to develop a mechanism that will effectively harness the sun's energy by increasing its efficiency, the United Kingdom took the solar power harvesting to the next level by cutting the subsidies and turning to large-scale solar farms. With this in effect, a great decline in solar panel costs was experienced in UK, which has cause the government to revise upwards it latest forecast towards solar energy use.

According to Energy Secretary Ed Davey, the sudden plummet in the solar panel cost had pushed the government to cut the subsidies to promote large-scale solar harvesting that has started last March of this year. The very reason for this decision is that it is expected that by 2020, the UK will be provided with up to 4% of the electricity from the solar panels installed. Yet, the solar industry sees the cut as a mistake since it will prevent the solar panels UK are promoting to compete with the fossil fuels.

The subsidies that were previously provided for people who will be interested to install solar panels on their roofs has created a mass market that encourages the Chinese manufacturers to drew in. Thus, the solar panels cost was reduced by 70% in the past few years. With this markup, it prompted the UK government to withdraw the subsidies from numerous large-scale solar farms that produces more than 5MW which in turn have induced a temporary solar boom where firms started to race just to get connected to the grid. And though many firms have installed their own solar panels in the first three months of the previous year, while others did not continue to compete; these firms expressed their need to have subsidies for the next few years for them to compete with the fossil fuels in the UK. According to a spokesperson from a prominent association, the decision of the government to pull out the subsidies will most likely to delay the moment where solar can finally compete with fossil fuels. Yet, for Mr. Davey the solar does not swallow much of the renewable budget so there should be a cut in the subsidy while the ones allotted for the domestic solar will continue.

Either way, despite the troubles with the subsidies, recent tenders and also the lowest bidders for an energy contract have showed that the solar energy can compete already in the market since the plummeting cost of solar panels is "wonderful for humanity". It is believed that the solar power will do what has mobile phones did for communication and to the global market. And if these continue, up to 14GW of solar power will be expected by 2020. Furthermore, it is expected to grow further in the coming years. Who knows? The minister's ambition to get 20GW of solar by 2020 might be met if firms, as well as homeowners, becomes confident with the solar rush policy that is highly supported by the government.

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